Writing and Producing Movies

Writing and producing movies seems to be challenging for every new entrant in the market. Only with the unique and creative vision, extraordinarily hard work, and proper planning can lead you to places you can’t even imagine. 

The next thing to do is to do budgeting and financing. The whole play and production should be done within the allocated amount. The hired people must also be capable according to the role and tasks assigned to them.

Stages of Producing Movies

Certain important steps for the production of movies are very crucial. They can earn big fame and rewards for the producer if done properly. 

Bardya Ziaian put forward many of the important steps that are necessary to take very wisely while working with the movies producing industry. 


  • Development


The development stage of the movies varies from one to another according to the type of movie that is in the queue of production. Usually, the project starts with writing off the script either in the form of storylines, books, or existing scripts. Director begins the development of the script that has pitched an idea to the producer. 


  • Pre Production


In pre-production, the planning of the overall production occurs. All the performances that would have been done in front of the cameras will be pre-planned behind the scenes first. Working on the shoot location and casting are all the tasks performed on the verge of pre-producing the movies. 

Budgeting is also done by hiring the production manager at this stage. 


  • Production 


At this stage, the planning for the shoot by sticking o the budget is mandatory. Before going in through the daily shoot the plan must have in place. All of the outsourced and in-house parties sit together for having a better collaboration and making the work more smooth. 


  • Principle Photography 


All of the costs of the shoots, salaries of the actors, and the costs incurred on setting up the location for the shoot are all under this stage. This stage is the most expensive of all. Communication among the whole crew team is very crucial here. 


  • Wrap


Wrapping is when the shoot has performed and all of the amenities are returned to the suppliers. 


  • Post-production


In the post-production procedure, all of the editing, music settings, and assembling of the clips are done at this level to bring the film to the final edits and on the main screen after a week or so. 


  • Distribution


After making through all the edits the film is distributed among all the channels and media owning parties to make it on air. Netflix, amazon prime, and HBA are some of the platforms. 

Final Thoughts

Managing your finances is the most crucial thing of stepping in and working in this industry for the long term. Collect great pieces of information from Bardya Ziaian in this regard.  So, take your first step towards movies by writing the screenplay for your viewers. Try to make the screenplay very much engaging for your audience. It has to capture the attention of your audience within the first few seconds. 


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