What are the essential items that you should have to survive summers with your Frenchie?

If you are a frenchie dog owner, you should know that your pooch is vulnerable to overheating. Whether it is summer or winter, the owner has to be very conscious and need to take extra care of the dog. To enjoy summers with your dog, it is important to take the right steps and keep the right things to provide all sort of comfort and coziness during the summer days. If you carefully watch your dog, you can find the following symptoms during summers.

  • lack of urine
  • dehydration
  • noisy breathing
  • weakness
  • excessive panting
  • muscle tremor

These are the common symptoms that your dog will experience before having a heat stroke. However, the owners shouldn’t panic and to avoid any such experience in future, there are few items that should be kept at home for a stress free summer.

Items to be kept during summer season

There are few items that should be kept ready before the summers get really hot and scorching. Bulldogs have sensitive skin and they are prone to overheating. The mantra here will be to keep the dog cool and hydrated.

  • Clothes– Before taking out your dog outside, it is important to provide comfortable clothes like cotton shirts, cream frenchie dog pajamas, booties etc. All these are essential to protect the dog from exposure to direct heat of the sunrays.
  • Portable water bottles– You need to ensure that your pet remains hydrated throughout the day. Before stepping out of the house, make sure that you carry a portable water bottle so that your dog can have access to drinking water throughout the time you are out in the sun.
  • Dog washers– To prevent overheating, you can carry dog washers to give a relaxing bath outside the house. These washers can be used both inside and outside. This is the best item that you can have to keep your dog cool and calm.
  • Self-cooling pad beds-With self-cooling pads, you can enjoy a stress free summers with your pup. These cooling beds can cool down the body temperature within few minutes. Instead of using shirts or French bulldog pajamas, these cooling beds can be used during summers. The beds are filled with gel or water to instantly protect the body from direct rays of the sun.

Therefore, you should always take proper protection of your dog before going out during summers. Apart from the above mentioned list, you can also carry microfiber towels, dispenser, swimming suits etc.

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