Valentines day’s meaningful presents: jewelry for loved ones

  • “I love you”,
  • “Thank you”
  • “Will you marry me?”

If you want to say any of these to your girl-friend/wife on Valentine Day, then go ahead. It is the perfect time. But, have you already bought the gift? If not, then we have some good ideas on meaningful presents. Jewelry opens the heart of every woman, because gifts such as flowers or chocolates are common.

What jewelry to give for Valentine’s Day?

Gifts are not the same as gifts on Valentine’s Day, and not all jewelry is created equal. If you want to get away with it as cheaply as possible, you can leave it, because cheap jewelry sometimes looks deceptively real, but mostly only for men. Women, on the other hand, see the difference. Disappointment in stinginess will overshadow joy. “All or nothing” is therefore the motto. Of course, you don’t have to spend half a fortune. Set a budget beforehand and it is best to seek advice from a jewelry store.

Very important, however: the Nano jewelry with meaning should suit your partner, because after all, you have not won anything if you decide against cheap costume jewelry, but taste it wrong. Get a look beforehand what jewelry your friend wears in everyday life: earrings, chains, bracelets? Your present should be in this style too. A few examples: an engraved heart necklace, a charm bracelet that can be added year after year, earrings that go with a piece of jewelry that you already have.

Marriage proposal on Valentine’s Day

Would you like to propose your better half for marriage? That is no longer the question, because an engagement ring is a must after all. Whether in the classic style with or without a diamond, made of silver, gold or platinum – here too, one should first ask: what suits you?

In addition to optics and material, something should also be right – at least roughly: the size. Five sizes too big or three too small is not the end of the world, but something that can be avoided. Tip: Look for a ring from your friend at home and take it with you to the jeweler. Ideally, your loved one does not wear the piece of jewelry every day, so that your application remains top secret until the end and she does not smell the fuse beforehand.

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