Top Cheerleading Ideas for a Cheerleading Fundraiser

If you want to know how you can get amazing amounts of money to help fund your Cheerleading fundraising event, this article is just for you. You would see how you can earn money for your Cheerleading team. Cheerleaders need a lot of money for their traveling expenses and for the various competitions they partake in. That is why you would need tips on how you can earn that money while doing what you love the most, cheerleading.

Before we proceed, what is the function of a Cheer team booster club? A cheer team booster club is created to assist and supervise fundraising programs for their Cheerleading team which would help reduce the amount of money they would spend on tournaments. The money gotten from fundraising events are used for more than just paying the bills for a tournament’s competition, it is also used throughout the season to settle the bills. You should note that the fundraiser’s money is not to pay for the tuition fees. Below are tips on how to have a successful fundraising campaign

  • Work with the pros

There are numerous professional fundraising companies such as Fundraising Zone that have decades of experience helping cheerleaders raise money to achieve their goals

  • Create a tee shirt competition

This is another wonderful idea. All you need to do is to create a competition yearly and ask the participants to create a tee-shirt. The student with the best tee-shirt would go home with a prize. This would encourage people to participate more in this exercise thereby generating more money for your cheerleading team. You can also make the chosen tee-shirt the official tee-shirt for the new school session.

  • Sell wrapping papers

Selling wrapping paper is another way to generate money. The reason is that many people buy gift wraps to wrap a present and so making a gift wrap with your school’s logo on it would help generate income. You can ask your family or friends to support you instead of going to Walmart or Target to buy gift wraps.

  • Sell chocolate candy

Chocolate candy is well known by many and it is also well-loved. Therefore if you can make chocolate candy with a special taste and get people to like your candy, you would be generating money. All you need is to sell them to all the people you know are addicted to chocolate and make them your target audience. You would be able to keep about 50% of the amount you make when you sell these chocolates.

  • Organize a pep rally

You can also organize a pep rally and charge for a gate fee. The gate fee should be a reasonable amount that is affordable by most people. This pep rally would help pump up your friends and acquaintances on your upcoming game. This is yet another way to generate money for your cheerleading team.

  • Create a raffle contest

You can strike a deal with any local business owner around your premises and ask that they donate a prize. Then you create a contest and sell tickets or cards for people to participate in the contest. The winner of the contest would then go home with the donated prize.

  • Sell cookie dough

Do you know any cookie dough lover? You can make homemade cookies and sell them. Everyone loves the smell of freshly baked cookies. Also, make sure it tastes delicious as this would bring in more customers for you to sell to and make money. You can make the cookie dough in several flavors so that there can be a variety.

  • You can organize a car wash fundraiser

Your cheerleading team can wash cars on a Saturday money. You can have your team members holding up signs and stopping passing cars to wash them at a reasonable price. This works well, especially during the summer and spring months.

These are a few ways you can generate money during for your cheerleading squad. Make sure you try them out and you would see how lucrative it would be and how much money you would get after the fundraising event.



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