Tips to follow while selecting a nose ring for a bride

Each and everything that a bride is going to wear at her wedding is crucial and needs to be selected carefully. Out of all these things, selecting a nose ring is quite difficult. However, one could search for gold nose ring designs with a price to get the best deal. Here are some more tips for the same.

  1. The first thing that one needs to keep in mind is that what outfit is the bride is going to wear. There are points that you could keep in your mind and then could select the nose ring. If it is a saree, then the nose ring has to be saree appropriate. If the bridal outfit is a lehenga, it should go with that. Not just the clothes that the bride is going to wear, it should match with the other jewelry pieces that the bride has selected for her. If it is not done, then it would look very odd.
  2. The second very important thing to be followed while selecting a nose ring for you is the family tradition. The jewelry that a bride wears at her marriage actually is of great importance. Not just the emotions, but it becomes the matter of values too. While selecting each and every jewelry for their wedding, one should always remember their family tradition. At some places, the bride wears a long Nath, while at other places she just wears a small stud. So, it really depends on the tradition that has been followed until now. However, a gemstone nose pin will work everywhere.
  3. After these two important points, one should look at the size and the style of the nose ring. Well, if we are saying that a nose ring is a stud or it is a hoop, then only this won’t give you the exact idea of the nose ring. It is because, if it is a stud, it could be large in size and if it is a hoop then it could be of a size that just goes around the nose. The selection of a nose ring on the basis of its size and design totally depends upon the face type of the person who is going to wear it. Now, there is no shortcut for it and you will have to try all of them one by one to decide which one to buy.
  4. This is a proven fact, that we wear what we are. If a bride is wearing a Maharashtrian Nath at her wedding, it is assumed that she is Marathi. In the same way, if you are wearing a very dazzling nose ring, it will display your interest and finally will depict your personality. Now, while selecting a nose ring, one should always check whether it is going with their personality or not. This would really help you in selecting a good nose pin for you.

So, these were all the tips and tricks that could be followed for buying a good nose ring. Selecting a nose ring in a good way is very important, as the wedding is just a one-day affair.

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