Things To Look For In Authentic Persian Rugs

Authentic Persian rugs are beautiful and luxurious, making them highly desirable for homeowners with discerning tastes. To find a high-quality, genuine Persian rug, there are several things that you should keep in mind.  First of all, genuine Persian Rugs are handmade. Secondly, a real Persian rug uses natural fibers like wool, silk or cotton. Mass-produced rugs made in factories usually use synthetic materials like polyester. Finally, a Persian rug is usually made by an artisan who comes from generations of rug weavers. Many rug shops offer customers the opportunity to speak to these artisans so that they can make an informed decision about which rug they want. To learn more about the distinguishing characteristics of a Persian rug, read on.


Perhaps the most important thing to look for in an authentic Persian rug is that it is made by hand, not mass-produced by machines. Many non-genuine Persian rugs are actually made by factories in China, if you look at the label. A real handmade rug is one of a kind and made with the care that comes from an artisan who takes pride in their work.

Natural Fibers

Natural fibers are always used in a real Persian rug. The fabrics often used in genuine rugs include wool, silk and cotton. Wool is the most traditional material, as it was what rug weavers in Persia used for thousands of years. Many of the most exquisite rugs these days are made either partially or fully from silk. As previously mentioned, an inauthentic rug will usually incorporate cheap artificial fibers.

Family Heritage

The majority of authentic rugs are made by weavers who inherited their trade from previous generations of their family. This is not always the case, but traditionally rug weavers will train their children to become weavers, who in turn will train their children, and so on. There are first-generation rug weavers who have been trained by master weavers from outside of their family, but this is still relatively rare, even in this day and age.

Experts Available For Consultation

If you spy an authentic Persian rug in a rug shop, chances are the employees of the shop will actually know what they are talking about. They can help you find the right design and material to complement your interior design. This, and the large selection of quality rugs are the two biggest advantages that a specialized rug shop offers over a big box store.

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