Heading to the world down under? I believe you are excited to spend a couple of days to Australia. If you’re looking for the best carrier that can take you to your dream destinations, there’s Alliance Airline. Rest assured that you’ll reach Australia without any hassle. Don’t worry if sudden things change, since you can receive real-time notifications with the help of flight status. Monitor your flights and access significant information about it. This platform is user-friendly, you’ll never have a problem when it comes to navigating its features. Hunters will appreciate the fact that Australia offers plenty of hunting activity. So be prepared to spot a few hunting gear wearing, AR-10 rifle carrying hunters pouching for big game. It is allowed here. And finally, you can now see kangaroos and koalas for the first time and even swim in the pristine waters. But before that, we’ve listed here some crucial things that you should be aware of before heading to Australia. It’ll surely save you from embarrassment and confusion. Let’s start!

BBQ Party

If there’s an instance that you are invited to a BBQ party which can be at the house, park or beach, never show up empty-handed. You can make a salad dish, bring some meat for the BBQ, buy dessert, or even a bottle of wine or champers. Just don’t show up empty-handed. Bringing a little something is a sign of gratitude.

Learn the language

Yes, Aussies do speak in English but you will notice that they have their own slang words that strongly control the so-called Australian English. To give you some ideas, here are some words to be aware with Australian English translation: thongs means flip flops, togs/bathers/swimmers means bathing suit, tomato sauce means ketchup, chuck a U-ey means make a U-turn or turn around, and lastly, do you want to join us for tea also means do you want to join us for dinner.

Summertime varies across Australia

Each city in Australia has its type of summer. Regardless of which city you are heading to, always wear plenty of sunblocks. As you fly to Perth, you’ll notice the dry summer while in Brisbane it’s humid summer. In Hobart, it’s different since there’s a cold summer and in Darwin, there’s a year-long summer that’s happening. As you travel across Australia, each city offers something different makes you feel that you’re traveling from one country to another. A challenge for you is to be prepared for anything.

Don’t forget to bring and wear plenty of sunblocks

Do you love to go to the beach, soak up some rays and even get a stunning tan? Well, you’re in the right place. But be sure to smother yourself in sunblock since Australia’s sun is harsh. This is because the country has a thinner ozone layer and it also heats up very quickly. Having said so, the rays are indeed harmful to one’s skin to the point that you’ll feel your skin is sizzling. It’ll surely leave you with a sunburn that lasts for about weeks and the worst case is that it can lead to a blister. If you have very pale skin, it is recommended that you wear a hat and a sundress to keep your skin covered from the direct sun rays.

Australia indeed a huge continent

Yes, you’ve read it right! Australia is massive. Don’t think that you can easily and quickly fly from one side of the country to another. Honestly, a flight from Brisbane going to Perth will take you around five hours and if you’ll be driving, allot at least three days. But don’t worry if you’re just visiting one state since it’s also vast and it offers a wide array of activities for you to engage with. There will never be a dull day when you make your way to certain Australian states or territories.

Seeing Karangoos and koalas roaming is untrue

As you make your way to Australia, you won’t see kangaroos and koalas that are roaming around the city or streets. We all know that the cities are developing fast that’s why wildlife has headed inland. If you want to see various native animals, it is suggested that you visit one of the best wildlife parks in town. If ever you’ll encounter a dangerous creature, don’t worry too much they will not kill you.

Smoking in Australia

When you’re in Australia, smoking is not a cheap habit. There’s an ongoing bill that is soon to be passed which allows $40 charge for a single packet of cigarettes. If that’s the case, I bet you won’t want to get into such habit unless you’re willing to bid goodbye to that dream car, house, and even holiday getaway. Also, you’ll notice that there are gruesome pictures printed on the cigarette packets.

Be prepared to disconnect yourself from the digital world

Internet services in Australia tend to be slow and expensive. If you can’t disconnect for a while, it is recommended that you purchase a hotspot to take around with you. It is the best and cheapest option when it comes to purchasing such service. Aside from that, it can also double up its ability since It can also be a portable charger for your phone.

Try out the best Tim Tams

Here in Australia, Tim Tams came first and known as the new Oreos. Each pack of Tim Tam can be easily finished in just a blink of an eye. Don’t forget to bring some when flying back to your hometown.

Dial 000 if there’s an emergency

In Australia, the emergency hotline is triple zero. Once you dialed it, you’ll be directed to either the police, fire or ambulance departments. It also guides the caller throughout the process via phone.



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