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It is reasonable for you to want your cookie dough fundraiser to be a success, after all, you are hoping to raise money from it. This is why you need to do thorough research and take your time before choosing a company for your fundraiser even though there are many companies out there. companies like Fundraising Zone great means to raise money for your school or your team. Everyone loves the taste and smell of freshly baked cookies and that is to your advantage. Companies such as Gourmet cookie dough, Mrs field or the Classic cookie dough all are wonderful choices. However, the taste of the cookie is important and that is why this article sums up some of the best cookie dough fundraisers out there. They are:

  1. The pre-proportioned cookie dough fundraising

This pre-proportioned cookie dough can make about 40 cookies. All that is needed is for them to be separated and then placed in the oven. The ingredients of this cookie dough include peanut butter, peanut butter, caramel chocolate chips, oatmeal raisin, triple chocolate, pumpkin pie, mint chocolate chips, mint chocolate chips, snickerdoodle, etc.

Fun facts about these products

  • It can be kept in the refrigerator
  • This cookie has zero fats which shows it is healthy for you and your family.
  • With 200 orders of the cookie, you get free shipping.
  • For easy delivery, it comes with a free carry bag
  • Comes with a certified kosher
  • It contains no preservatives which means you are sure of getting the best quality.
  • One pack can make 40 cookie dough
  • The cookies are already cut and so it makes it easy to bake
  • During shipping, it is made frozen so as to maintain the freshness of the cookie.
  • It is $17 per package and if you order in large amounts, you can get 50% off.
  1. The $10 Cookie dough catalog

This cookie dough comes in a large tub and this makes it easier to bake into any desired size or shape. Being in a tub would attract kids because they love sticking their fingers into things and licking their fingers. The ingredients include

  • Chocolate chips
  • Peanut butter
  • Sugar
  • Oatmeal raisin
  • White chocolate

Facts about this cookie

  • Certified kosher
  • It makes about 30 cookies per pack
  • Produced from pasteurized milk
  • There is no trans fat or any preservative showing it is healthy for consumption.
  • Ordering over 200 packs guarantees free shipping
  • Comes with packed ice to maintain freshness
  • It can be placed on the shelf for about 5 days and it will not spoil
  • One pack is $10 and if you order in bulk, you can 50% off.
  1. $16 Cookie dough fundraiser

The scoop and bake cookie dough comes in 2.17lbs per tube and so imagine how big a cookie dough would be and you can bake it into whatever size you want.

This cookie dough contains:

Chocolate chips, pumpkin pie, mint chocolate chip, m&m candies, caramel chocolate,  snickerdoodle, peanut butter, oatmeal raisin, triple chocolate, etc.

Facts about the $16 cookie dough

  • It is healthy for the family as it does not contain harmful preservatives or trans fat.
  • During shipping, it is packed in ice so as to maintain its freshness.
  • When you sell 200 tubs, you get free shipping
  • You can get up to $8 per order on each cookie dough.
  1. Edible cookie dough fundraiser

This is the hottest cookie dough in the markets as many fundraisers are going for this cookie dough. Most cookie dough contains egg and so it is not advisable to eat it raw. However, the edible cookie dough fundraiser comes with no egg and it can be eaten raw.

Ingredients of this cookie dough are:

  • Chocolate chips
  • M&m candies
  • Cake
  • Snickerdoodle
  • Peanut butter

Fun fact about this cookie dough

  • It comes with no preservatives making it healthy for all
  • It is packed with ice during shipping to maintain its freshness.

Having a successful fundraising campaign is important and that is why you have to carefully consider the company you will choose. You can consult an expert who would guide you in making the right decision. They would put you through each process and make sure you have a successful campaign which would bring in a lot of money for you.

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