The accident Cases and Your Legal Stances

In practice, offers of compensation spontaneously made by insurance companies are significantly reduced. Many victims, however, consider them attractive enough to accept them without discussion. A lawyer in Personal Injury Law is able to significantly optimize the overall amount of compensation. And it is not uncommon for this amount to be doubled or even more following his intervention.

Pro-Accident Lawyer and His Medical Consultant

Because he is paid by the insurance company, the expert appointed by this company does not present all the guarantees of impartiality necessary for full compensation of the victim. It is the same when the company, in accordance with the law, makes available to the victim a referral doctor paid by him. It is therefore difficult to envisage an expert acting against the interests of his client.

Consequently, one of the decisive roles of the Auto accident attorney will be to offer the victim of a traffic accident a trusted expert, that is to say an expert free of any attachment with respect to the companies of insurance, a victim counseling doctor who can prepare medical expertise. This independent doctor will be a valuable counterweight to the opinion of the doctor designated by the insurer. Following his analysis, he can give arguments to the lawyer allowing him to contest the report and the quantification of the damages. Its largely unknown role is therefore decisive for the victim. Too many road accident victims make the mistake of doing without it.

The Core Values Of Every Lawyer

In the interest of a good administration of justice, the aviation accident Attorney ensures the legal protection of his client. In doing so, the lawyer is guided by the core values laid down of the Lawyers Act.

A lawyer is independent: A lawyer is your counsel when dealing with a case. He is guided by the interests of his client. The lawyer operates independently of the government including the police and the judiciary. This allows the Bicycle accident Attorney to advise his client in all honesty and openness.

A lawyer is biased: In legal disputes, the lawyer supports his client through thick and thin. He is the legal counsel for the client concerned and only assists this client. It is therefore not possible for the lawyer to assist the counterparty.

A lawyer is an expert: A lawyer understands the law, so the law and court rulings. He is trained for that. In addition, a lawyer must attend additional training every year. This allows a lawyer to keep his knowledge and skills up to standard.

A lawyer is honest: A lawyer must behave neatly and ethically. For lawyers, rules of conduct have therefore been drawn up in the Lawyers Act. It states, among other things, that he must paint a realistic picture of the legal procedure, the chances of success of the case and the expected costs.

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