Synthetic Urine Test

A common concern of employees is being forced to take screening tests for drugs like marijuana. In most cases, employers use urine-based tests to detect the presence of drugs. Urine tests are widely considered invasive and violate individual privacy. Since urinalysis done in a lab can detect even trace amounts of pharmaceutical and recreational drugs, more and more people are turning to synthetic urine. A synthetic urine test kit gives you the tools needed to pass drug screenings. The following are the top four questions that most people have when using synthetic urine.

What is synthetic urine?

Synthetic urine is laboratory-produced pee. The artificial urine has the same chemical makeup of human urine and will not be flagged by labs. The synthetic urine contains uric acid, creatine, sulfates, urea, ammonia, and phosphates. Artificial pee will have the same look and scent of real urine.

What is included when purchasing synthetic urine?

A synthetic urine test kit will include concentrated synthetic urine and vials for storage. To prepare the synthetic urine, the concentrate is mixed with warm water and stored in the vial. Warming strips are placed around the containers to keep the urine warm. The warming strips are a very important part of preparing the urine since the normal temperature range for pee is between 90 and 100 degree Fahrenheit. Another way to keep artificial pee warm is to carry the containers close to the body.

How long is the shelf life for synthetic pee?

Within the synthetic urine test kit is a set of heating strips. As long as the urine is kept at the proper temperature, it does not expire. Concentrated urine will typically last for up to one year from purchase date. Artificial urine should never be refrigerated or frozen to extend life. The urine should be kept out of direct sunlight too since this can compromise the pH balance.

Is purchasing synthetic urine legal?

Yes. A key concern for many shoppers is that purchasing synthetic urine is illegal. However, artificial urine is used in other manners besides drug testing. Medical students and baby product manufacturers are just two examples of those who use synthetic urine. Fake pee is also used to protect the rights and privacy of female and senior employees. Employees can use urine tests as a way to discriminate against certain populations and run tests for medical issues or pregnancy. Based on the results, the employers may look for ways to avoid paying benefits.

Synthetic urine can be a relief to many current and prospective employees. Certain drugs can stay in the system for months and months and synthetic urine can help ensure you are treated fairly on the job.

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