Suggestions on Mouse Product Purchase

Computers have been popularized. The mouse, as one of its most important peripheral electronic devices, plays a self-evident role. Its technical threshold is not high compared with intelligent devices such as computers. This has led to many mouse brands in the market that have never been seen before. The emergence of various manufacturers has mixed up the whole market environment. This has had a great impact on consumers in the process of purchasing products.

What problems should consumers pay attention to when purchasing mice? What factors need to be considered? Here are some suggestions on mouse purchase.

First: Connection Mode

There are two kinds of mice in the mainstream market, wired and wireless. The wireless mouse is divided into 2.4 G wireless mouse and Bluetooth wireless mouse according to its connection mode. The advantage of wired mouse is that users do not have to worry about delay in the use process. It can avoid bad use experience. In addition, compared with wireless mouse, wired mouse does not need to consider endurance. This is a great advantage. The wireless mouse has more advantages in portability and simplicity. There will be no delay in the use of high-quality products.

Second: Hand Feeling

This varies from person to person. Everyone has different definitions of hand feeling, and various factors such as hand shape will lead to different use effects. Only through one’s own personal experience can one know whether it is suitable. Even the same person feels different when facing the same product at different times. However, this is not without reference dimensions, such as the material of the mouse, which can be taken into account. At present, the three main materials of the mouse are mirror material, skin feeling material and frosted material. Compared with the latter, the first two are more prone to have hand sweat. Mirror mouse is easy to leave fingerprint marks and needs to be cleaned frequently. However, the mouse made of skin feeling and frosted material is more delicate and dry in touch.

Third: Product Cost Performance

Although the mouse is relatively small, it does not belong to the cheap category in price. The price of many mice is relatively high, especially wireless mice. Perhaps it is due to the stability of its wireless technology and so on, its price is indeed high. In fact, there is no lack of product premium on the market, which is not surprising. However, there are products that have belonged to the ranks of high cost performance. For example, the cost performance of Xiaomi mouse is relatively high, and the price of HONOR Bluetooth Mouse is favorable.

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