Sport Fishing Dubai

Dubai, UAE is an ideal place for sport fishing and other fishing activities. It’s quite famous for sport fishing too. But what exactly is sport fishing?

Sport fishing is fishing for recreational or competition purposes. It is done with rod and reel unlike the fish nets fishing. Also, the type of fish you catch when you are sport fishing in Dubai is different. You generally find salmon, catfish, bass if you are doing sport fishing in fresh water.

If you are doing Sport Fishing in Dubai in seawater, then you can catch other fish like tuna, mackerel etc.

What kind of equipment is used?

When you are doing sport fishing, you generally do it with a fishing rod or pole which comes with a hook or a line. You can also use bait to lure the fish to the fishing rod. Also, there is another way you can do sport fishing with a help of bow.

Rules of Sport fishing in Dubai:

Although there aren’t any rules for other forms of fishing but sport fishing has certain regulations and rules. This is because sport fishing comes under game fishing. The International Association for Fishing g has made some certain rules which the people and the fishing associations who organdie sport fishing in Dubai have to follow.

They are specially concerned about the usage of hooks to catch fish. Also, when you are sport fishing, you are not allowed to use any kind of nets to catch fish. The international Association also checks the kind of baits and hooks which are being used to catch fish.

How to do Sport fishing in Dubai?

Now, if you are an angler and that to an experienced one, then sport fishing is for you. You can hire fishing charters or go on a fishing charter Dubai trip to participate in the tournament. These trips are usually for 12 hours- 4 days. Also, sport fishing is done where deep water fishing is done. The charter boats go 40-200 miles away from the shore. Also, the poles which are used, are tournament grade 2. Also, when you do sport fishing in Dubai, you will not flout any rules. The baits they make you use are live, fresh ad artificial baits. Also, the kind of fish they catch is the blue marlin, white marlin, swordfish and tuna.

You can really enjoy if you are lucky, mostly because it depends on the availability of fish. Also, the time you leave to do sport fishing also makes a lot of difference. If you go in the early morning, there are more chances to catch good fish. Otherwise, you may not enjoy.

Whom to choose for Sport fishing in Dubai?

There are a lot of reputed companies but according to the people’s experiences, the Xclusive Fishing company is the best for such kind of activities. They have well trained guides and captains (crew) who will help you throughout your fishing trip in Dubai. Also, they do not overcharge.

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