Significant patient recruitment challenges to face during a clinical trial

Considering the objectives of clinical trials, that aim to find out, as well as, determine vital factors about a new medical invention, it’s important to enroll sufficient patients who suit the criteria of being ideal candidates for the trials. The clinical trials are mostly arranged to monitor the action, reaction, effects and other vital factors about a drug that’s waiting for getting introduced in the market.

The concerned medical team and pharmaceutical companies will need to test the drug on the patients whom the drugs are mean to cure before publishing the final outcome. Also, the trials are important to determine the dosage of the drugs for patients of different ages and stages.

It may sound an easy practice but in reality, most of the clinical projects reported as canceled or postponed are due to failed patient enrollment in clinical trials.

Let’s focus on the significant reasons that stop one from enrolling for a trail. Have a look-

Insufficient awareness

Studies say, the majority of the population of our country doesn’t know anything about clinical trials. They are simply unaware that every year hundred – thousand clinical trials are conducted to test latest drugs. This is the best way to have newest treatment. An awareness campaign about the trial you are conducting can help you to get good response from target demographic.


Some believes these facilities are available in big cities only thus it would be a luxury to avail such facilities. However, advertising the details about the patient enrollment in clinical trials will a good strategy to approach them.

Misconceptions about clinical trials

The worst part is you will face some people who will simply disagree to enroll out of fear. Many think trials treats the patients as ‘lab-rats’. A doctor’s recommendation may help to sort out the confusion.

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