Should You Just Ignore People Who Don’t Believe in Climate Change?

It’s exhausting to keep fighting against people who don’t believe in the reality of climate change. Most of them don’t have real arguments anyway. When discussing with you, they tout conspiracy theories and debunked ideas. Arguing with them is a waste of time. As such, would it make sense to ignore them and not engage at all?

Continue raising awareness

We are in dire need of changing the status quo. We can’t move forward in the same direction since it would be too late to act late. When we don’t take action, no one else will. There’s power in number. If we continue inspiring others to help promote environmental causes or at least believe in them, it can go a long way. Like recycling or segregating trash, our actions wouldn’t mean anything if people continue doing their old ways. Even if it’s difficult, you have to keep informing people. Truth and knowledge are on your side. You have data to back your arguments up. You shouldn’t fear engaging in a conversation with people who have nothing but debunked conspiracy theories. Expose their lies and let them know the truth. You might not change their minds, but you can do something about the people in their surroundings.

Every person is one vote

Another reason you can’t raise awareness is that each person is equal to a vote. You want to reach out to more people who will vote in the best interest of the environment. If disinformation propaganda continues, more people who would vote for pro-environment leaders might change their minds.

It’s a long process

Convincing people to protect the environment if they don’t even believe in climate change is a daunting task. The worst part is that there are lots of them out there. Add to that number the ones who believe in climate change but are apathetic. They only care about themselves. They also want to protect their jobs, which they believe could get threatened due to environmental laws.

We can do a lot together

It might be difficult to bring change in society, but that’s normal. Nothing changes overnight. People are difficult to convince. They will also argue with you even if your goal is to protect their interest too. The problem with many people is that they don’t see that we live in a connected world. If we don’t protect the environment, we could end up suffering.

People who don’t believe in climate change aren’t bad. They might just have incorrect information, or they have other priorities. It means that there’s room for a conversation. Try your best to change their mind even if it’s exhausting and you want to give up.

While you’re advocating for changes, you shouldn’t stop practices that can help the environment. For instance, getting the services of an Orlando junk removal company is helpful since the company has environment-friendly practices. You will feel good about working with them in disposing of your trash. It’s also easier to tell people to protect the environment if you’re also doing your share.

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