Ring stores: what you need to know before you buy!

The wedding ring is a very important and significant symbol for a couple. So, there is nothing more fairly than finding a reliable and worthy wedding ring store. However, do you know what to evaluate when choosing the store? After all, jewellery has always been precious and desired. Therefore, every care is little to carry out this assessment and not fall into any trap. Did you feel curious and want to know what should be considered to ensure that the wedding shop chosen for the purchase is worthy? Read on and discover our tips!

Store credibility

This is the first tip and probably the most important. Expert guidance is that every consumer should be sure and look for references to ensure that the purchase sites, for example, are reliable. This can be done through the portal, under the link “Registration of Complaints”. In addition to the portal, there are sites, where it is possible to expose and view consumer complaints against companies.

It is also valid to check if the website of the chosen company provides all the data of suppliers and products, such as an address, telephone number. From that last data, there is a way to search it on the website and obtain relevant information. From Alexander Sparks, you can have the best quality options here.

Defective product

It is essential to prioritize stores that provide the most varied resources to have information about the chosen item, such as, for example, photos, videos, detailed descriptions, space for reviews and opinions, in addition to easy access to clarify doubts.

If the product is defective or the offer is not fulfilled, the consumer is entitled to a period of withdrawal from the purchase. The supplier must resolve this within 30 days. If not, the customer can cancel the purchase and receive the money-back or choose to replace it with a similar product.


It is also imperative to always keep the purchase data, which includes protocol number, payment receipt, order confirmation and all messages exchanged with the supplier. It is these data and information that will facilitate the claim or reimbursement process, if necessary. Besides, it is essential to prioritize an alliance store that offers guarantees, and of course, the invoice. These documents can be beneficial in the future.

It is worth knowing that the sites hosted outside Brazil have standards from their country of origin. So, if the consumer has a problem with purchases on international websites, this should be resolved directly with the supplier.


The delay of the product purchased online can cause a massive headache. When this occurs, it is usually due to sales above the capacity to service the supplier. So don’t think twice about checking the history of your chosen wedding store. Make sure that the delivery takes place quickly and with excellent professionals involved. If you notice the delay, the Institute for Consumer Protection advises you to contact the supplier directly.

Last but not least: opt for an alliance store that offers several options to choose from. After all, the purchase of this product is a significant step in the couple’s life and deserves to be treated as such. With Moissanite Rings NYC, you can have smart choices.

Choosing the Right Ring Material

The diamond, like any beautiful girl, has envious people and imitators. At first, the whole world started talking about cubic zirconia as an analogue of a diamond. Still, cubic zirconia “blown away” very quickly all the same, low hardness, frequent chips, not bright radiance and other characteristics were significantly inferior to the elder brother. Today everyone is talking about moissanite as another diamond competitor. Although in fact moissanite has been known to the world for about 100 years. Why are people talking so actively about him now? And can he compete with a diamond?

History of the Discovery of Moissanite

This valuable mineral got its name in honour of Henri Moissant, a French chemist, Nobel Prize winner. In 1893, Moissan arrived in the United States to investigate fragments of a meteorite that fell in Arizona. The scientist discovered a previously unknown mineral, which at first was mistaken for diamonds, later it turned out that this is silicon carbide, which did not exist on our planet before, which means this mineral is of extraterrestrial origin. Thus, the new mineral got its name “moissanite”. For a long time, scientists did not know how and where to apply it until jewellers appreciated this mineral. The stone gained particular popularity in the USA and Western Europe. Later, scientists learned to grow such a mineral artificially.

Since the end of the last century, and more precisely since 1998, moissanite has gained wide popularity it was then that the world introduced a synthetic variety of moissanite, which was very difficult to distinguish from a diamond. Often a new mineral was presented as a diamond, which made it the centre of criminal showdowns.

Jewellers and appraisers could hardly distinguish moissanite from diamonds, now using special instruments to make it a little easier, but still, the appraisers have to sweat. The main difference between the two minerals is the ability to conduct an electric current. Moissanite does it well, but a diamond is not capable of it only in some sporadic cases. In the mid-2000s, jewellers and appraisers acquired a particular device that measures the thermal conductivity and electrical conductivity of stones and allow you to detect fake accurately.

How to distinguish moissanite from a diamond?

Today, moissanite sometimes surpasses a diamond with a purity of radiance and a quality of cut. Everything, of course, is very individual and depends on the professionalism of the cutter. However, it is already a recognized fact that moissanite is 25% shiny and sparkles brighter than a diamond. The philistine gaze will not be able to distinguish between these two stones visually; even a professional is very difficult to do it by eye. Here you cannot do without special devices. Nevertheless, very experienced gemologists, examining moissanite in a magnifying glass, can notice needle-like inclusions in the structure of the stone, a smoother connection of faces, a more colourful play of light. In the case of the Moissanite earrings, also you can find the best choices.

The hardness of a diamond is ten on the Mohs scale, the hardness of moissanite is 9, which means that moissanite is more challenging than any gem except diamond, so only a diamond can leave a mark on it. If we focus on the refractive index, then moissanite has a coefficient of 2.65, that is, higher than the refractive index of the diamond, which are 2.42? The yellowish shade of moissanite is also not a criterion of a difference since natural diamonds are rarely colourless. Besides, modern technology does not stand still, and prerequisites have already appeared for the creation of coloured moissanite.

Moissanite has a higher dispersion than diamond, so if you carefully look at the flare on the surface of the stone, you can see the differences: the flare of a synthetic mineral is brighter and more intense than that of natural stone. That is why they are trying to straighten moissanite into a deadlock.

Often, experts distinguish moissanite by the presence of bifurcation of the edges of a faceted stone, which indicates the anisotropy characteristic of synthetic moissanite. A density determination method is also used. Moissanite has a density of 3.22, and a diamond – 3.51; therefore, their masses will vary with the same diameter.

The table shows the comparative characteristics of the three stones. The data are approximate since the prices for minerals can vary depending on the quality and place of cutting, prices on the market, etc.

In 2015, the patent for the production of moissanite ended in America, which means that soon this mineral will more and more actively conquer the shelves of jewellery stores. Mass production of moissanite has already begun. The main difference between this mineral and diamond is the price. It is much lower. Thanks to the price, this stone will be to the taste of demanding and non-sophisticated ladies of diamonds; this is their conscious choice. It will be much more offensive to those women who, under the guise of a diamond, will acquire moissanite; after all, the girls’ best friends are still diamonds.

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