Lowell Farms: How Virgin Cannabis Oil is Changing Everything

Lowell Herb Co., commonly referred to as Lowell Farms, has been making quite a name for itself of late. For several years now, Lowell’s organically-grown products have been widely considered some of the best in the cannabis industry. More recently, the company came out with cold-pressed cannabis oil vape pens and pods, and they just opened the first-ever cannabis cafe in America. Here’s a closer look at Lowell’s organic seed-to-sale process and the revolutionary new restaurant.

Setting the gold standard: cold-pressed cannabis oil

Much like extra-virgin olive oil, cold-pressed cannabis oil is virgin cannabis oil that is minimally processed, allowing it to take on the flavor of a particular plant’s strain. Just like EVOO, a single press without much heat is what produces a more pure, flavorful, and potent virgin cannabis oil. Because it is so lightly processed, there are no unwanted by-products that need further processing.

Lowell Herb Co. is going against the grain by using its own high-quality, organically-grown plants to create virgin cannabis oil that preserves the flavor integrity of the plant. Using low-grade marijuana plants and heating them to the point of emulsification is less expensive, and therefore much more common.

Lowell uses a proprietary method of freezing and hashing the entire flower, and not a single solvent or chemical is added when extracting the oil. Consumers are literally getting the pure oil extracted from the plant. This clean, unadulterated flavor and high are ideal for vaping because it burns clean and there is no chemical aftertaste. The company believes its cold-pressed cannabis oil is “as close to the flower smoking experience as you can get in a vape.” Lowell’s method of minimally cold-pressing is one of the only ways users get to enjoy a product with the full spectrum of cannabinoids intact.


In early October, Lowell Herb Co. brought their organic farming expertise to the restaurant industry and opened Lowell Farms: A Cannabis Cafe, the first of its kind in the country. The foliage-filled restaurant occupies a rooftop in West Hollywood and boasts dishes prepared by innovative chef Andrea Drummer. The cafe has been referred to as a “social consumption lounge,” and will feature a farm-to-table experience in terms of both dining and cannabis, as well as a dispensary-style section where visitors can purchase Lowell’s edibles and concentrates.

The cafe’s director, Kevin Brady, had this to say in an interview with Green Entrepreneur: “As pioneers of ending cannabis prohibition, we are devoted to the treatment of cannabis in the same light as alcohol. The first step was making it for sale, and now it is to give the public access to a safe, communal space where cannabis can be consumed without stigma.”

Chef Drummer has created a one-of-a-kind menu that complements the heightened senses associated with cannabis. For example, to satisfy those sweet cravings after smoking, there’s a dessert version of a charcuterie board featuring baked treats that include a cereal-and-milk-flavored ice cream sandwich and peanut butter cookies. California law prevents the sale and consumption of both alcohol and THC products in the same location, but the cannabis cafe has a full range of mocktails.

Regardless of visitors’ experience level with cannabis, the cafe has “Flower Hosts” on hand who act similar to sommeliers, explaining different strains and their effects. The Flower Hosts will even roll joints for patrons. Much like Lowell Farms’ organic approach to growing its plants, the cafe features natural touches and is decked out with tons of lush green plants inside and out.

Under California law, patrons of Lowell Farms: A Cannabis Cafe must bring proof of being 21+, and cannabis products must be paid for in cash. The cafe is open from 10:00am – 10:00pm daily, and reservations are strongly encouraged.

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