Hybrid MBA, Will It Continue for MBA Students?

COVID-19 has impacted all aspects of our social and economic systems. Additionally, the pandemic is turning teaching methods across the globe. Campuses have shut down, and classes have moved to the virtual world. Universities are moving all of their operations online. Supporting staff and faculties are working hard to deliver students high-quality teaching remotely and digitally. 

The pandemic’s immediate shock may help business schools to steer into a more innovative space once the world recovers from the crisis. The institutes will continue to use this method of making online learning more “hybrid” rather than merely synchronous. The unfortunate situation has shown us that we can be very flexible and adaptable. We’re showing around the world with these massive experiments that we can deliver education remotely and digitally.

In the current climate, conventional MBA programs could see significant changes and demand for more flexible learning options. The pandemic has set the context for the new normal. The emergence of a blended model of on-campus and online MBA, the Hybrid MBA, seems to be the new normal in the long term. 

Hybrid MBA programs combine both traditional and remote learning. Students need to attend campus residencies or immersion experiences during their coursework. Hybrid MBA programs consist of similar courses and provide students with ample opportunity to thrive. Hybrid MBA programs have a slight advantage, as institutions with them tend to have higher admittance standards.

Hybrid MBA could be of long-term benefit and would allow MBA programs to go beyond just a few institutes. Online learning doesn’t get the same recognition in many countries, but now is the time to change it. Hybrid MBA is a great disruption for new ideas sharing across industries. It will also continue for students post-pandemic as it combines physical classroom learning, virtual learning and learning from industry experts in equal measures.     

Hybrid MBA programs offer accessibility to a balanced curriculum that allows students to complete their studies while working full-time. The Hybrid MBA can also prepare a student for a wide variety of leadership and management styles. 

The trend of online education is gradually shifting and will have a residual impact post the pandemic era. COVID-19 infusion has led the students and managers to perceive online training more positively in their stride. As the workplace also continues the shift towards increased flexibility and online communication, earning your MBA through an online, blended or flexible program can help you thrive in this dynamic world.

At IIM Udaipur, the MBA graduate program’s faculties are also leveraging technology smartly to provide students with a high-quality education.

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