How your insurance company app can help you in making a claim for your bike insurance

Doesn’t it seem like we are always glued to our phones nowadays? Every aspect of our life is controlled by these devices, be it shopping, banking, social media, news, movies, music, and so much more! We are always on the lookout for our personal information to be condensed into an app so that we can access it easily anywhere and at any time.   

Is it any surprise then that bike insurance providers want in on it too? 

There’s an App for that! 

Once you sign up for a comprehensive insurance policy, the company’s app allows you easy access to all of your information including but not limited to – 

  • Policy details
  • Upcoming premium payments
  • Modifications to your policy
  • Query handling and resolution

And now many are taking their customer outreach a step further! 

Claim Processing

That’s right! The best use of an insurance app is for its use in claim settlement, especially when it comes to small size claims i.e. claims of low monetary value. The insurer is benefited by having information flow through an app, thus reducing the chances of missed communication that happen over phone or email. 

For the insured, everything they need is now at their fingertips. No more waiting for a call back or repeated follow up! But how does this work? 

Claim Intimation

The first step is to let your two wheeler insurance provider know about the incident. Your app already has your policy details, so no rummaging around your desk drawers or looking up customer service numbers. Simply key in the required details, upload photographs and submit your claim! 

You can use the app’s location services to also contact the nearest garage, hospital or towing services to get you the immediate help you require. Information can be sent directly from the accident site, thus doing away with length and painful calls with the customer service team. 

Claim Processing

Once you submit the claim, the activity then moves onto the insurer’s end. 

  • Depending on the kind of accident and the extent of damage, the insurer could choose to directly accept your claim and approve it for settlement. This is usually true of small claims. 
  • Alternatively, your bike insurance provider could appoint a surveyor who has to study your vehicle and provide his feedback. The surveyor would visit you and also submit photos, videos and the surveyor forms through the App. 
  • The App is also useful in approving cashless treatment authorization for any hospital visits. 

Claim Settlement

Settlement from your comprehensive insurance policy also happens seamlessly through the App. During this entire process, you can review the updates to your claim via the App and track exactly how things are progressing. Your claim history is also saved there for future reference. 

Before you move on…

Always recheck your profile information and policy details on the App since any discrepancies can cause issues with respect to claim processing in the future. 

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