How to Style Mismatch Earrings with Pearls?

Mismatched earring means unexpected pairing, which is a trend. You may feel that pearls polished look may not match with mismatched earring trend. Let’s get familiar with how to wear mismatch earring style with pearls.

Style 1

Mismatched earring trend with pearls is diving deep. Choose a pearl jewelry set that includes earring with extremely long dangling strands. It needs to reach your jaw bone and balance this earring with short single pearl strand on another ear.

If you have multiple piercings then complete it with different size pearl studs. You get to play with length and volume in an eminent manner. It also does not mean wear white pearls but go for a mix without hesitation!

Style 2

Many abstract shapes are available in mismatched earrings trend. However, gold is medium option of this style. Wearing large golden statement with delicate gold companion piece means you are walking artwork.

Pearls and gold have become close friends, so wearing mismatched earring trend does not break this friendship. Make sure the shape looks somewhat similar even if they are not exactly the same.

Style 3

Even gemstone lovers can mix it with mismatched earring trend. It is posted on multiple blogs of not wearing different gemstones but you can hack it. Rather than playing with colors, go for textures.

It means pair different gemstones with same color like white pearls with white gemstones including white agate, white opal, and moonstone. Pink pearls with look cool with pink tourmaline, rose quart and pink morganite.

Other thing to consider will be the design because gemstones sparkle a lot, which can soften the shape. Nevertheless, play with different size and lengths but keep shapes same. Moreover, stick to single metal. Never blend materials as it eradicates the consistency.

Style 4

Mirror image style is a delicate mismatched earring pattern. In this style you will not go over the trend with different lengths, shapes and gemstones but stick to a single kind of gold earring but flip over.

It means two statement pearl earring pieces. One earring will reach to your shoulder, while the other will also have the same design or mirror image reaching your jawline.

Now you got an idea how classy you can look with mismatched earring trends wearing pearls. You need to be bold and creative to wear jewelry in an innovative way.

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