Dubai, being one of the fastest growing hubs for all commercial activities is home to many buildings and the number keeps increasing by the day. From homes, offices to restaurants, these buildings all have a common need – the need to stay clean. The more the city expands, the more buildings and offices there are to clean. It was recently estimated that the number of cleaning companies in the city grew by a significantly high 45%. Demand aside, one other reason why this particular business is growing is the ease of setting up a cleaning company.

If you’re already interested in what it takes to start a cleaning service in Dubai, there are a few things you need to get done. First, you must choose a company name. This should be done while bearing it in mind that the UAE has a few strict rules guiding the business names. Your chosen company name must not contain any offensive or blasphemous language or refer to any popular organization. If the business name has your personal name in it, you must make sure that is without abbreviations of any sort. Also, you must check to confirm that the name is still available to be registered.

When your company name is already decided, you must decide on ‘where’ and ‘how’ to setup your business.  This is where you must decide whether to set up in a free zone or on the mainland. The mainland offers you the freedom to trade directly with the local market, without need the services of a local agent. It also makes you eligible to bid for government contracts which are most lucrative. The free zone offers you 100% exemption from customs tax and also the ability to repatriate all capital and profit without repercussion. These free zones also have no currency restrictions and zero control on foreign exchange. The final decision that precedes the submission of application is to specify the kind of cleaning service you want to offer. To this, there are three prominent options – industrial cleaning, commercial cleaning and residential cleaning.

Industrial cleaning involves offering your cleaning services to large offices and corporate buildings. This requires you to have a team of cleaners dividing all the labor.

Commercial cleaning involves a lot of skill and high level of specialization.

Residential cleaning deals with cleaning of houses and has low team requirements as it can be done by one person or a small team.

When all of these decisions have been made, you can apply for a trade license. The kind of license granted largely depends on the services you intend to offer e.g. an industrial cleaning company license. Whether you decide to set up on the mainland or on the island, the application process is relatively the same for both cases. This whole process can however be handled by a company formation specialist.

The documentation you’re required to submit includes a completed application form, passport copy of the proposed owner or owners and two color passport size photos. While you apply for a business license, it is possible to apply for your visa and that of your employees. Also, you can sponsor your family and other dependents for their visas. As a final requirement, you must open a corporate bank account to enable you start trading. This, too, can be done for you by a company formation expert as they help you stay informed on the best decisions.

The cost of acquiring a cleaning business license is dependent on the choices you make. But, the cost of setting up in the Fujairah Creative City with eligibility for one visa is estimated to be between AED 10,000 and AED 20,000. The Fujairah Creative City also offers some other facilities i.e. desk space, internet and phone services to aid expansion.

As explained in full details above, the process of starting a cleaning business in Dubai is not beyond basic understanding. But it is a sensitive process that should be managed by someone with adequate knowledge of the whole process. This is why it is best advised to get reputable company formation experts like Business Incorporation Zone to handle it all for you. This saves you the mistakes and the time to do other important things.

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