How To Protect your furniture when transporting

Many of us when moving from one house to another is most concerned about how to move the furniture in a proper way to the other house and without any damage to it and in order for the furniture to arrive safely to your new home without any damage or scratches to it there are several simple rules that must be taken into account for the protection of furniture During his transfer, here are the most important of these rules.

The important rules in protecting furniture

There are several points and rules that must be followed to ensure the transfer of furniture in a proper way and without any damage. These rules are very important and influencing the arrival of your furniture to your new home as if it was not removed from its place and we in this article offer clarification that you must follow and we always provide advice to maintain the safety and security of furniture from any damage These rules are:

1- Furniture and property filling

If you will be packing and packing your luggage and belongings yourself, you will need some important materials that are indispensable in preserving your luggage and belongings. The most important of these materials are transparent plastic pieces that contain prominent bubbles and damage fragile things and keep them from shocks, collisions, knocking and falling.

Also wraps the furniture with it to protect it from friction and scratches. Also, old towels and towels are used to wrap the properties that we fear from damage to them and we also use adhesive tapes in which we complete the packaging of the property and furniture so that it does not loosen its place and falls during transportation and do not forget to bring packages, cartons or boxes Extra until it accommodates all that is filled and so that no accumulation occurs if the amount of boxes is small.

2- Cleaning furniture and property

If you want not to make a double effort after moving your furniture and property in cleaning your things after transporting them from the dust that your luggage will be exposed during the transfer of your company or home furniture, you must start before packaging to clean all your things well and packing them after cleaning them with plastic bags or pillow bags or towels and towels Wrap it well to keep the property clean and the new home also clean.

After going and unpacking, you will see that it is completely clean and there is no trace of dust from transport and all you have to do is arrange it in place in your new home only.

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3- Empty the contents of the trays

Of course, the drawers for the office, the library, the chavenira and other furniture that contains drawers full of your things and your family will be one of the biggest mistakes, leaving your things in the drawers during the transport because they will be an additional load and extra weight during the transport of these drawers.

You should collect all that is in the drawers and put them in bags or the like and leave the drawers free of anything so that it is easy to move them and also disassemble the wooden furniture well and assemble the nails, nuts and legs if they exist and if it can be dismantled in a special bag to collect it from moving to your new home.

4- Review your needs

There is no better day to move than an opportunity to review the main needs and the things that we will need and what are the things that you will not need until we reduce the loads during the transition, you will of course find many things, whatever you will no longer need in your new home.

You can donate it to any charitable organization or person that needs it or even dispose of it by selling it and you will find that these things gave you a large space when you moved and reduced the load to be transported and saved you a lot of time that you would have taken in packaging and packing and the place of things that you will not need and at the same time it remained all The things you left behind are just what you use.

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Protection of furniture from dust

You should know that protecting furniture from dust prolongs its life and makes its shape clean and beautiful, and there are many ways to clean furniture from dust, such as a wood cleaner or put a quantity of vinegar with water and spray wood with it.

Protect furniture from dirt

Dirt stuck to furniture is one of the most bad things to look at and makes it unpleasant to see. Even if this furniture is too expensive, dirt should be removed from the furniture with a wood cleaner.

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