How to Have a Good Conversation on Your First Date

You’ve scored and have a date going for you this weekend. You’re beaming with joy but you suddenly realize that you might not know what to talk about with your partner. You won’t want to fail on your first date just because you’re nervous and your tongue gets tied right?

Silence also can signify the death of the relationship even before it has begun. Because well, definitely either one party will find it too boring or just a plain mistake. Eventually your chances of a second date together are lost. Moreover, the impression that is created may not be representative of who you actually are too. The unfortunate first date then becomes the last.

So how do you ensure that you don’t kill your chances on your first date? How do you have and maintain a good conversation?

  1. Start the conversation with something that gets his/her attention

You need to observe your partner and the environment while you are on the date. But you must maintain equal attention between your partner and your environment and not give either one too much attention. Pick out something interesting that you see or that he/she says and try to pick up and carry on from there. Offer your opinion moderately and always respect that he/she may have other views. Always listen.

  1. Never say something that is plain obvious

Why? Because there may be a tendency that you make your partner feel like a fool. This is one of the biggest mistakes one can make in a conversation. You need to start a conversation that is unique and original and not say something like “The newspaper said that education is beneficial for everyone.” Well, simply don’t start a sentence which makes your partner go “DUH?!”.

  1. Always have your own opinion

You might disagree with something that your bdsm dates says and you are thinking whether disagreeing with him/her will spoil your chances and whether agreeing will get you in his/her good books. Well, one thing for sure is agreeing with everything can just wipe out the conversation and even your relationship. Because your partner may see you as a person without any originality or good arguments. Therefore it is better to disagree at times, especially for topics that you are very sure of your opinion or feel that you have something smart to contribute. Question the other person’s point of views and remember to try to keep it as lively as possible. Or even argue the other person’s point of view!

  1. Be sincere in your conversation

Be sincere in getting to know the person better through the conversation. Try to find out what the other person likes because it’s better to talk about what the other person is interested in. You can be sure that he/she will have plenty to talk about and not be worried at all.

  1. Be witty

Use some witty lines in your conversation to make it livelier. Perhaps even try to argue with wit to keep the conversation spicy. It never fails to impress a person with a sense of humour and wit.

  1. Always listen

Listen to what he/she has to say. Being an active listener gives you more raw materials for keeping the conversation interesting and when you realize that you aren’t getting much response from him/her, knows when to stop a topic or perhaps start a new one. Especially when you think the conversation is going nowhere or might get boring, just end it or move onto another topic.

  1. Try to create suspense.

Start telling him/her a very interesting story and do not reveal the climax. Just find an excuse to leave either momentarily or well, use the second date as bait. But you have to do it cleverly so that it leaves the person eagerly wants to hear from you. This would probably guarantee a second date for you. It may backfire if done wrongly because no one likes incomplete stories.

There you go! Tips on how to keep the conversation alive on a first date at My BDSM Hookups. I’m sure it can help a few people out there! 

So, good luck and let me know how it goes~!

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