How to Choose the Right Shower Kit

Picking shower kits for you home can be a tough task. There are thousands of designs and more options than anyone has time to consider, but that’s where this guide comes in! Finding your dream shower kit comes down to considering just three simple things: Style, Construction, and Utility. Every shower kit is built and designed around these three concepts. Follow these steps and you’ll pick the best shower kit for your home!


First things first, how does it look? This is probably the most important thing to consider when picking new shower kits. If the shower kit doesn’t match your existing bathroom or clashes with your decorating plans that’s a no from the start!  Consider a shower kit with a versatile design so that you can change your decor around the kit as you grow with your new home. You can also pick a standout shower kit that will be an accent or central piece in your bathroom design!


Your dream shower kit is no good if it can’t fit in your home. Make sure to measure your existing bathroom space before you start shopping for a new shower kit. This will determine a lot about which kinds of shower kits can fit in your home. It’s worth keeping in mind that some companies can make a shower kit custom in order to fit your home and you may even be able to alter your bathroom to get that new kit to fit in there! You can start this process by consulting with a contractor about the kinds of work involved in getting your dream shower installed.


It’s time to think about how you plan on using your new shower kit. I know, you’re going to be showering there! But there is more to consider than just that. If might have a lot of in-shower items you need to store and need a shower kit with several shelves and lots of storage space, or you might have plans on installing your own shelving and be on the lookout for a more minimalist shower kit. You should also consider whether or not you will need space for a shower chair or handrails in your shower. An open plan design for a shower kit offers up the most versatile option for your future needs.

Remember when you’re looking for a new shower kit you should consider Style, Construction, and Utility. If you keep these three things in mind while shopping for shower kits you’re sure to walk away with the best showering experience you’ve ever had!

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