How Important are NCERT Books for students?

National Council of Education, Research and Training (NCERT) plays a vital role in a student’s career. These NCERT books are highly beneficial to CBSE students as these books provide complete syllabus prescribed by the CBSE board itself. Schools across the country recommend NCERT books since these books provide enough illustrations, explanations and best practices for students to excel in their board exams. NCERT books are made available for all subjects and all grades. Students can achieve their desired scores by referring to NCERT books as they lay a strong foundation for students to prepare for their exams.

Students who are confused about selecting the correct manual for preparing for the exams can opt to NCERT Solutions book which helps in gaining knowledge and understand the concepts in easy steps so that students can score high marks in the board exams. The solutions provided in this book is one of the best learning guides students can utilize while preparing for the exam. The answers are formulated by subject experts with detailed explanations so that no student lags with any doubts. There are numerous types of practice problems to help students understand the concepts, which help them in scoring well in their exams.

Also, NCERT has developed Exemplar books for students in both science and maths stream for students convenience. They can refer to these books as well which will help them in practising the questions which are essential for the final exams since these NCERT Exemplar Solutions book mainly covers the important questions that are usually asked in the main exams. Wide variety of practice problems are provided so that students can practice them and can excel in their board exams.

Here are a few tips on how to utilize the NCERT books:

  • Best book for CBSE board exams: Usually, the questions are asked directly or indirectly from NCERT books. Questions sometimes may be twisted; students who have gone through these books can quickly answer those types of problems without any confusion.
  • In-depth knowledge is provided: Students who find difficulty in understanding the concepts can follow NCERT books as these books explain the concepts in an easily understandable manner and simple language so that any student can grasp the concepts in one go.
  • Offers numerous practice problems: Students can practice a wide variety of problems from these books while preparing for the exams. Example problems are provided before each exercise so that students can easily practice them before attempting the actual exercise problems.
  • Strictly adheres to CBSE curriculum: NCERT books are more than sufficient for preparing for exams if one thoroughly studies from these books. Since NCERT books strictly follow CBSE board which helps not only preparing students for board exams it helps students prepare for other competitive examinations.
  • Get to know the examination pattern: Knowing the examination pattern helps one to understand the weightage of that chapter. Hence, students can plan and prepare according to that.

Students aiming to secure high marks in the board exams are suggested to study from these books as thoroughly as possible and note down important topics, formulas in each chapter so that it can help make revision easy. NCERT books are one of the finest books any student can go through. Here students find the best solutions to the questions.

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