How does the Process of Interior Designing Look Like?

While the design process can be creative, but when it comes to implement it, the entire process must be organized, strategic and methodical. Every design process consists of 6 stages that begins from concept to completion. When it comes to building a new hotel, office or a home, you need exceptional interior services to have what you need in the building. You need a team who has extensive project knowledge and experience to deliver what you need. Here is how it works.

  1. Feasibility

First things first. The first stage of the project entails preliminary studies and seeking more on what you want and what are the design ambitions for this very project. Here the knowledge and expertise of the expert is leveraged to take care of financial and practical feasibility of your site or concept and evaluating the potential of both for achieving the optimum outcome.

  1. Concept design

This is where the experts work with you to come up with the initial plans and designs for the project. This includes visiting the site, understanding the location and provenance of the building or opportunity. Then the experts present you the drawings, sketches, and moodboards with the ideas on the initial materials and finishes that will be used to explore the optimum plans and design styles for the project.

  1. Design and development

This is the stage of the project where the experts transform your ideas into reality, this helps in finalizing the interior architecture, furniture layouts, space planning, materials, lighting and finishes. These are presented all to you, the client with the delineated sample boards with the tiniest of details, drawings and visualizations as well as the comprehensive main contract and the FF&E schedules.

  1. Technical design

Once the Design Development stage has been accomplished, then the experts work on completing all the technical CAD drawings needed for the construction and execution of the design, along plans, sections as well as the elevations. Then the experts also accomplish all kinds of shopfit and casegood drawings and packages for facilitating the manufacturing by the specialist subcontractors.

  1. Production information

In this stage, the experts work with the project manager to make sure that they have all the necessary information gathered to be integrated with the project to the tender. Then the experts coordinate with the other design team consultants and then issue the full interior finishes schedules and furniture, fittings and equipment, also known as the FF&E data sheets in order to enable the tender process.

  1. Tender and mobilization

In this very phase of Tender and Mobilization, the experts work with the Design Team and the Main Contractor to deliver the most efficient tender and the procurement process which are a part of the process. Then the experts value engineer as the specifications call for and then finalized the programme with the main contractor in order to make sure that the project is done on time as well as on the budget.

Steps for Effective FF&E Procurement

  1. Project Management

Your project is professionally managed by a multi disciplinary team of procurement experts.

  1. Financial Management

Here the financial analysis and reporting is done by accounts and purchasing department.

  1. Specialist Procurement

Here the sourcing and procurement is done

  1. Specialist Logistics

Here the site installation programme is planned and delivered with real-time reporting

  1. On-Site Installation

Here full FF&E is installed by the experts.

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