How do you know you have locked upon the best wholesale backpacks store?

Are you in search of the best supplier of wholesale backpacks during the back to school season? There are countless options for you out there when you go online searching for a wholesale backpack store. Does it mean that you could just rush to any wholesaler and place your order? Ideal that should be the case because everyone you come across claims that they offer the best quality backpacks and the best service. Unfortunately, the reality is totally different. Most stores out there do not honor their own promises leaving the customers in a frustrated state.

You do not have to worry about wholesalers who disappoint their customers. Here are some useful tips on how to lock upon the best wholesale backpack stores when you are buying school bags for your kids.

Find a wholesale store which has been serving their customers for several years. You will be able to take advantage of the experience of the wholesalers. They will have access to some of the best sourcing networks which the new players in the industry will not even know. Identify such players and send your orders to them.

When you review the products gallery you will notice that each store will be featuring a different range of backpacks. You need to check whether they have all the latest collection of backpacks. If the backpacks they feature are outdated then it is best to stay away from them. It could be mainly because they were not able to make a good sale in the previous year and they are holding the old stock still. Your kids would want you to buy trendy and latest model backpacks.

How are the backpacks priced? Many stores claim that they are wholesalers but they are in fact not wholesalers. All that they do is to give you some marginal discount. A genuine wholesale store will be 90% cheaper than any retail store that you come across. You might spend $30 per backpack in the retail market but the same product would not cost you more than $2.5 or $3. So this is a very good flame test to find out whether or not you are with the real wholesaler.

How are their delivery times? How to find out whether the online store delivers the orders in a timely fashion? You can find this out from customer reviews and ratings. No customer would like their orders to be delayed. So if you find negative reviews and ratings on the delivery delays then it is best to stay away from the wholesaler. The reviews will also talk about the quality of the backpacks delivered and their entire experience with the store. Pay attention to those points as well when you are ordering your backpacks from the wholesalers. Go with a retailer with the best customer ratings and it will save you from unnecessary trouble. You will be able to find the right suppliers with a bit of a search.

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