Houston’s Top Tourist Attractions

Houston is the fourth-largest city in the United States which means there’s a large list of things to do. Houston is the home of the well-known original Space Center. Everyone visualizes Texas as a dry dessert state but it’s so much more than that.

The Space Center

The Space Center in Houston is the visiting center for tourists to explore inside a copy of America’s first Space Station. Learn interesting things from the past in the sky lab and you can touch a rock from the moon. You may be able to meet an astronaut depending on the time you visit. If you sign up for the Level 9 Tour you will get to see the scenes behind Jefferson Space Center which is off limits to regular tours. This will be the best experience because you’re getting a taste of NASA’s past and learn what’s coming in the future.

Buffalo Bayou Park

The Buffalo Bayou Park is 160 acres of just beautiful green pastures and slow waters moving through it, which is why so many people that love the outdoors come to the park on a daily basis. This park has bike trails, places to walk your dog, and places to relax and have picnics under the shade. You can rent kayaks, canoes, and paddle boats while you embrace the scenery of the Bayou. There’s also a short guided tour in the Cistern which is the underground drinking-water reservoir from 1926.

Discovery Green

Located in Houston Texas, Discovery Green has a lot to offer with the many activities that attract many people. Flea by night is a seasonal event that takes place in the South-East end of downtown. This market contains artful kith, mid-century furniture, collectibles, and crafts by local designers. This is one unique Houston flea market. It’s free to the public and has those unique items that will blow you . Get ready to see some amazing jewelry, antique collectibles, vintage records, hand-made products, clothing, plants, food vendors, and much more. You will see why this is the most unique Houston flea market in town.

Rainbow on ICE is a dance party celebration by Green Mountain Energy. You will enjoy music by DJ Joe Ross and performances by R&B singer JaeRene, drag performances by Blackberri, Athena Sapphire, Reign Larue, and many more. Then after the performance there will be a fashion show with designs by Yahaira DeHill followed by everyone skating on ice for free.

Gerald Hines Waterfall Park

The Gerald D. Hines Park is the ideal place for a family to visit because of the drop-dead gorgeous waterfalls. Families can play games, have picnics, take pictures, and just tour the area and see interesting things. The park has 2.77 acres of land and is the centerpiece of Uptown Houston.

Taste of Houston Food Tours

Tourists can dine around for that cultural experience. The tour stops at six different locations so you can eat a six-course meal with your choice of drinks which are beer, wine, and other beverages to choose from. Enjoy the interactive culinary teams and watch exciting cook-offs. Tourists and locals can also plan family functions such as, receptions, weddings, birthdays, and other special events. You can also tour facilities and specially paired dishes. You will definitely get a taste of Houston during this food tour and enjoy the tasty foods that Houston has to offer. It’s an experience you will never forget.


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