Hotel Lighting: How to achieve the Perfect Blend of Functionality and Usability

When most people walk into a hotel, the first thing they subconsciously notice is the lighting. A good hotel lighting plan can make the place look like paradise, and a poor one can do otherwise.

In fact, you could have the best hotel service in town, but if your lighting doesn’t corroborate the story, you will be losing good business to the second-best hotelier.

You shouldn’t find yourself in such a bind though. Here are some things to consider when planning lighting for your hotel.


The primary aim of lighting is to illuminate dark spaces, and that should be your first thought too.

Forget every other thing you might want to achieve with your hotel lighting plan and go in line with illuminating the dark areas first. That will help you plan what areas of the hotel needs lighting and what types of lights should go there.

Speaking of types…

Type of Lighting

We believe you know that some lighting sources are born more equal than others. You can choose to go with simple bulbs, fluorescent lamps, chandeliers, or any other option that comes to your mind.

Overall, the type of lighting you choose should be dependent on:

  • The purpose – Chandeliers, for example, are used to achieve a feeling of elegance besides providing lighting
  • The area – You should not put a light bulb in the lobby (a crystal or glass chandelier will do better here), just like you would not put an iron chandelier in the bathroom.
  • Illumination – Besides how much the type you have chosen suits its purpose, is it functional enough to illuminate its area perfectly?

Your Concept

Some hoteliers picture a theme for their establishment and keep to it. They make sure their designs and interior décor matches this theme to the letter for a more uniform feel.

If you haven’t thought about it yet, lighting is a good way to not only showcase all the good theme work you have done, but also contribute so much to the overall concept of the hotel.

For example, chandeliers will be the best fit for a hotel going for that castle feel rather than single lightbulbs.


The fact that you are going for the grand effect with your hotel lighting should not drive you to complicate things.

Guests should not have to engage in an ultimate search adventure before they find the light switch. In short, any system of lighting which is not user intuitive should be made to go.

No matter how sophisticated your lighting systems might be, always make sure the guests don’t have to fiddle around to get a hang of it.

If you are looking for lighting options to make your hotel pop, ShowSun Lighting is one of the providers you want to reach out to.

They have an extensive catalogue of beautifully-designed, well-crafted lighting picks for you to select from. They have already served more than 500 customers from all over the world, including Hilton and Four Seasons. They also accept custom orders – which can help you achieve an even more unique feel to complement the theme of your hotel. You just need to send them your idea and they can create the custom chandelier perfect for your hotel.

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