Hong Kong Visa Tips: Training, Student, and Extension of Stay

Training Visa in Hong Kong

A Hong Kong training visa is required for a foreigner person who needs to undertake a training in Hong Kong. When applying, the applicant must ensure he has a sound educational background, preferably a relevant undergraduate degree or some valid proof of qualifications, certificates, abilities, achievements or work experience. The applicant should not previously have any criminal records in his own country. Normally, the application should be grantedas a valid visa or entry permit to enter Hong Kong for a limited time period. The limited time period should beno more than 12 months.

The company providing the training must be the sponsoring company which is legally registered in Hong Kong, and is fully capable of providing such a training programme to the applicant employee. The particular training to be undertaken by applicant employeeis to acquire thisspecific skill and/or knowledge that is unavailable in the applicant’s own country or region. The two parties (i.e. the sponsoring business and the applicant to take the training) must have a legally valid contract signed between them. The sponsoring company is required to guarantee in writing the repatriation of the employee after the employee receives training in HK until the end of the stated time period in the contract.

Working Visa and Extension

For a foreigner is currently working in a Hong Kong company, when his work visa is about to expire, he must apply for extension of visa. Normally, the extension of stay (i.e. visa) should be applied at least one month before the expiry date of the employee’s current existing visa.

When the applicant is working for the same employer again for next coming period of time, the visa application would be rather simple. Actually the extension of visa is only the correct process when the applicant has decided to stay with the borring company. For a work visa, it is usually granted for 2 years for the first time. When it is filed for extension (after the first two years), it will usually become a 3-year visa.

Student Visa: Application and Renewal

All Students when studying on part-time basis are required to apply for a new HK student visa every year. The procedure should be simple, and it is the same application procedure as for the first when the student applied.

When a student has extended his period of studies or his limit of stay is shorter than the duration of his study programme, the student should apply for visa extension a month (i.e. about 4 weeks) before the student visa expires.

At the end of the day, it is the personal responsibility of an individual student to know when he must renew his student visa, and ensure his visa is still valid, for him to be legally studying and staying in Hong Kong, whether his study is at one of the universities in Hong Kong, or other schools.

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