Here Is a Reason to Drink Alcohol Every Day

Anyone who has ever had an alcoholic knows that they all share one thing, excuses. An alcoholic is a master excuses to drink more why he drinks and why he has no problem. This makes it incredibly difficult to confront them and can discourage any effort to aid them.

While there’s no simple way to discuss your drinking with anyone, it is a necessary aspect. In this regard, we have gathered some of the most popular alcoholics’ reasons to defend their consumption. You will help ready yourself to chat with somebody about alcohol by learning these apologies in advance.

It’s amazing for my discomfort. Any people use alcohol to cause discomfort in their physical or mental state. This is another form of what is known as self-medication. This is when a human takes a drug or violates it literally by making them feel better. It does not excuse the alcoholic’s physical and mental destruction to and around itself. Over everything, self-medication does not cure anything. A persistent dilemma is a temporary cure.

  • Some say I drink only because I’m stressed / depressed / pity. This justification is also an acknowledgment of a crisis. People who drink pain, depression or sadness to repress continue to be addicted. Drinking is often the cause of many of their problems and the solution to many of them.
  • For some without it, I can’t sleep. Alcohol is not a sleep aid, although it is a depressant. Possibly, alcohol can prevent sleep.
  • Any day, I don’t drink. Healthy drinking guidelines. That suggests that only when people have a day off, they can drink even more than they should a day or a week.
  • For some people the start of fun and relaxing is after a drink or two for the weekend or for a vacation. Alcohol can, though, leave you worried and anxious.


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