Hard Money Lending 101

When a person is looking to get a loan a hard money lender may be a good option. These loans are often used in real estate investments. The hard money lenders are typically not a bank but a company or a private individual that is looking to invest and give out a loan. This loan is asset-based and the property is often used as collateral. If a person is not able to use to pay the loan the lender will get the property. This loan does not take a long application process and is often quick for the person looking to borrow money. The interest rates are usually higher and so are the fees since there is a bigger risk for the lender.

There are different types of lenders. Some companies operate nationally and have a strong reputation. Others are smaller lenders and will work with those in the region in which they operate.

Crowd funding

A real estate crowd funding site such as Patch of Land will help borrows and lenders meet up. The interest rates are lower and the application process is simple. There is a customer service team that will help the applicant through the entire process. Some very motivated lenders are on this site that is looking for their next investment.

Customer Focused

Some companies are looking to finance projects where the borrower purchases the property, fixes it up, and then sells it. This can include single-family homes or homes with multiple units. Some companies will have interest only on the outstanding balance and not the total amount of the loan. This is an offer better for the borrower since they will need to pay less money in interest. There is no penalty for paying the loan back early. If the investment property sells quickly then a person can pay off their loan and save money on the interest rates.

Seasoned Flippers

If a person has experience flipping homes they can work with some companies that offer lower interest rates and fees. Investors can get a line for credit for up to $10 million with their experience. This will allow them to take on larger projects or several projects at the same time. Their credit history may not be examined for this loan. The companies will look at their track record and the success they had previously with real estate investing.

Lending for Rentals

If a borrower is looking to fix up a property so they can rent it they can still find some hard lenders. These loans are often good for people that want to invest in a vacation property or in a building that will have several units. The interest rates are usually reasonable. The companies may not look at the personal income or the credit score of the borrower. They are going to examine other factors before they make their final determination. This will allow people with less than perfect credit the chance to invest in a property.


If a person has a friend or family looking to invest they can work this out. If they offer a person a higher interest rate than their savings account this will work out. They may need to file some paperwork but everyone may be able to make money.

The hard money lenders can help a person get the money they need to invest in a property. They can work with individuals and companies and the application process is easy. This will allow a person to get the money they need without a big hassle.

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