Guide to Quality Sectional Sofa

If you are someone who won’t like to compromise on comfort and durability, buy quality sectional sofas which will not only give you relief but will multiply the look of your space as well.

Your living room is the area where you spend most of the time with family and friends, ensure that you buy your sectional sofa from where you get the widest range possible, “1StopBedrooms” is the solution for all your requirements.

Many times we skip comfort to get the most beautiful piece of a sofa but then we regret our decision later when we use it in our daily life. The frame, cushion appearance, spring system, stitching pattern, fabric, foam, upholstery, etc should be in your checklist before buying a sectional sofa. 

Let’s give a look at the things you must consider before buying a sectional sofa which will take care of the quality:

  • Frame

Most sofa frames are made of wood, but nowadays metal-framed sofas are also in trend. Common frame types are Kiln Dried Hardwood, Particle Board, Hardwood, etc. The strong and sturdy frame of a sofa ensures the good longevity of the asset.

  • Cushion Appearance 

The beauty of a sofa is manifold by the cushions of it. Their appearance can be of two types, pillow back which can be easily removed for sleeping and cleaning and tight back cushions which can’t be shift around and are sewn onto the frame itself. 

  • Spring System 

The spring system of a sofa can be a game-changer. A sofa must feel strong and heavy when you sit on it. The type of spring system used in the sofa enables your guests to determine the cost and potential life span of your sofa. So it’s always suggested to not tighten your pockets while spending money on it. Eight-way/hand-tied spring, sinuous spring, web suspension, etc are some types of spring system that can be used to increase the durability of the sectional sofa 

  • Stitching Pattern

Straight stitch, button hold stitch, whip stitch, chain stitch, cross-stitch, feather stitch, backstitch stitch, oversewing stitch, hemming stitch, slip stitch, couch stitch, tacking stitch, etc are some patterns of stitching sofa which not only contribute to the all over looking of it but also says about the quality altogether.

  • Fabric

The fabric of the sofa should be decided considering your decorating and comforting needs. There are three major sofa fabrics that suit all the needs that are natural fibers, synthetic, and leather. 

  • Foam

The density of foam that is used in a sofa determines the longevity and the firmness of sectional and all other types of sofas. Generally, low density, medium density and high density of foams are utilized to ensure the lifespan of a sofa.

  • Upholstery

The fabric around the sofa is upholstery. It can be of wool, leather, linen, polyester, tweed, etc. It defines the sofa more beautifully and makes the sofa more comfy and cozy.

Since sectional sofa offers plenty of space plus it can be adjusted according to the needs the quality sectional sofa suits to both comfort and beauty!


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