Facts And Myths To Know About Australian Football

Australian Football is a popular sport, but it’s not necessarily the best-known sport, depending on what area you hail from in the world. Here are some facts about Australian Rules Football that you may not know.

It Has Some Strange Names

People call the game ” Aussie Rules,” or ” Australian Rules Football,” but they also call it many other names as well. For example, some people just call it “footy” when they don’t call it football in an area where it’s obvious what you mean.

No Throwing

In this version of football, you can only kick the ball or hand it off to someone. This means that you can’t throw it to anyone else in any fashion. So, it’s a difference with rugby where you’re often throwing it to the side.

It’s also a difference with American Gridiron Football where you can throw the ball forward. Instead, if you want to get the ball to a teammate, you dropkick it to them. If they catch it, they call this a “mark.” At this point, they get a free-kick.

The objective is to get to the far end of the field, and then kick the ball between the posts there. Should you get the ball between two middle posts, you gain 6 points. If instead, you only get it through an outer post and an inner one, then you get just the one point. And obviously, you have to kick it through for it to count.

Stadiums Are Quite Large

Aussie Rules Football has the distinction of having the largest fields of any sport that’s played popularly. It’s played on a grass oval, and the total range goes up to as much as 185 meters long and 155 wide. That’s a huge field. To go with this is the fact that there are 18 players per team at a time. There’s also 4 on the bench to give some rest. The huge fields are often glutted with players because of this, even though they are so large.

People Bet on It

You can bet on Aussie Football, and if you want to know more about it you can surf various websites that provide you with better information regarding betting. To know more you click here and learn more about how this is possible. It can be a lucrative thing to bet on since many people get excited about the game, and this leads to some strong bets.

Wooden Spoons Feature Prominently

Generally, the point of a league is to win the most and get to the top. However, there’s a funny fake ‘award’ in Aussie rules football that people call the “Wooden Spoon.” This means that your team ends up at the very bottom of the ladder league.

There’s no actual wooden spoon that exists in physical space, but rather it’s just an honorary award. One team, from St Kilda, has won this dubious award a grand total of 27 times, marking them as the all-time wooden spoon champions. Some teams haven’t received any up to the present.

More than 80 Countries Play

Many people think that this sport is highly obscure, but this isn’t the case. It’s played by more than 80 countries. Places like Sweden, America, South Africa, and Canada actually play the sport. In fact, it’s played all over the world, so it’s not as obscure or confined only to Australia and countries nearby as you might think. It’s an intense sport and it’s definitely only growing in popularity as it spreads from country to country.

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