Factors To Consider When Looking For Best Wrongful Death Attorney

Wrongful death is a death considered to be caused by someone’s careless action. It may be a car accident, defective product, medical error, or a crime. Similarly, there are various possible scenarios, but the bottom line is someone has to be held accountable. Choosing an attorney who will represent you in a wrongful death lawsuit is critical since the stakes are incredibly high. For instance, the suit will determine whether you will be compensated for medical bills, funeral expenses, and lost wages. Therefore, the right attorney will ensure that you are paid every coin you deserve, hence below are the factors to consider;


You need a lawyer that knows the ins and outs of every applicable wrongful death statute and ruling. Moreover, he/she should have relationships with the judges and other legal actors. Therefore, there is no substitute for experience. The attorney has to have negotiated settlements magnificently for the previous clients. Furthermore, other than the high-level skills and many years of experience, you need to consider softer skills that are not easily measured. They include determination, tenacity, and aggressive representation. As such, you ought to be certain that your attorney is the real deal.

Skill and Versatility

When you have a tenacious advocate, you will be assured that you will get what is coming to you. Your lawyer should be remarkable at researching and presenting evidence that proves the party’s full extent of negligence. Additionally, he/she should be willing to wear different hats if need be, so that you can attain the desired outcome. This may involve acting as a medical doctor, private investigator, and legal advisor all in one. Also, ensure that they can tap into strong networks of professionals who may prove your case.

Track Record

It is also important to look at the track record of the wrongful death attorney that you are going to work with. Ask the attorney to show you the number of cases that he/she has successfully handled. A lawyer may have been practicing law for a long time but be on the losing end. Hiring such a lawyer will increase the chances of losing your case, which is the last thing that anyone wants. Therefore, it is important to look at the reputation of an attorney before you make your choice.


Your attorney needs to have a coherent game plan. At the initial stages of consultation, ensure that you ask about the kind of strategy your lawyer intends to pursue. Moreover, strategic planning is the backbone of any successful case or settlement. For instance, he/she should know which paperwork to file, how and when to negotiate. There may be incidents where he/she is required to ask for more or less. The right attorney will have a strategy that will ensure that your suit is settled successfully.

Furthermore, ensure that you find a lawyer whom you can strike a good rapport with. For the case to be successful, you will be required to tell your lawyer everything relevant to your lawsuit. Therefore, the attorney should be able to hold the information in confidence under the law. If you connect with your attorney on a non-judgmental level, your communication will flow, key to any healthy relationship.

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