Elementary School Fundraising Ideas


When it comes to creating the perfect elementary school fundraiser, it can be quite tough and quite frankly, a real headache. You need to calm down and discover a fantastic way to raise money with a good idea for you, the school and most especially, the kids but it seems like everything you think of has already been done before.

You might also be feeling like you do not have enough time as well as resources. Or it could be you feel like you do not have enough support from the PTA to help put all this in place. Well, you have nothing to worry about as there are so many ideas out there to help you with your fundraiser. You also don’t need to think about it too much as raising funds for your school shouldn’t have to be difficult. There are so many fun things to do and money to make.

A good elementary school fundraiser engages people, is fun, and let’s not forget that it gets out a lot of cash. So with the brilliant tips, we are about to give you, we strongly hope it helps you to not just raise money for a cause but also have fun while doing it.

Elementary School Fundraising Ideas

  1. Carol Singing

Everyone loves a good Christmas Carol, although it can be quite seasonal, you can still raise a lot of money from elementary school children singing a carol. It would be done weeks before Christmas to get the utmost effect. You can also go around the neighborhood with the choir and get as much donation as you can.

  1. Disney Day

How does this work? Simple, for Disney day, you can have the school children dressed in their favorite Disney character and get a small donation in exchange. This would be done a lot better if you tell presents in advance to get their custom made or bought.

  1. Crafts Day.

This is done by encouraging the children to participate in arts and craft. It can be done in groups and also been done with parents. One of the benefits of this fundraiser is that there is an opportunity for the public to purchase the items.

  1. Staging a Theatre Play

No parent would want to miss the opportunity to witness their child perform in a play and that is a good advantage. You can always work with the children and stage a play appropriate to their age and ensure the audience know that their donations are going for a cause.

  1. Lemonade Stand.

This is one of the oldest, yet most effective way to make money or raise funds for a good cause. How do you do this? Simply help your students to set up a stand at any school event where they can sell lemonade.

  1. School Picnic

This is an excellent fundraising idea for warm days and it helps in generating funds for a cause in your school. It also encourages children to spend a healthy amount of time outdoors. All you need to do is select a green area, make proper announcements, choose a fee amount, get food and drinks which can be donated as well.

  1. School Sleepovers

Sleepovers are the coolest, especially for kids and you want them having fun right? You can host a school sleepover in the school’s library or even the school gym. All you need to do is tell the parents what their kids need to bring for this activity and determine a specific amount to charge. The amount you make can then go to the school’s fundraising needs.

  1. Popcorn Fundraiser

Everyone loves popcorn and the good thing about them is that they are a lot more healthy than chocolate or sweets. There are companies which you can work with for your popcorn fundraiser. These companies can help you organize them and they can work with you till the sale is over, after then the profit is split.


All these are great ways to raise funds for the school or a particular cause. Remember, you do not want to stress the kids and you want them to have fun while making money. With these ideas, you can do it and so much more.  If you need to maximize the effectiveness of your fundraiser, you should visit Fundraising Zone and start your search there.

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