Do Purifiers remove fluorides?

Fluorides are one of the biggest issues facing water today. In the United States, the issue of fluorides is one which attracts a large number of people. Fluorides can affect the bones of its victims. These effects would ultimately lead to arthritis and other related illnesses such as muscle disorders and lack of necessary antibodies in the body. The search to filter or remove fluoride from the water completely had led people to many places and machines. One of the methods which people have explored would be purifiers from USA berkey.

Purifiers can remove fluoride from water. However, it would also depend on the type of filtering systems which you are using. Generally, there are just a few methods which can help to effectively get rid of fluorides in the water. Here are a few of them;

Reverse Osmosis

One popular way in which many people today use water purifiers is through the process of reverse osmosis. So how does this work? It simply refers to a procedure whereby the minerals and other ions which are present in the water are completely removed. The result is that all forms of fluorides are expelled permanently. This process would also make use of other elements such as the sediments and filters of carbon to ensure that the process is done precisely and accurately.

However, there are some very important drawbacks to take note of. First, the process of reverse osmosis can be quite expensive to maintain. Also, it would mean that most minerals which would replenish the body are removed from the water. Your body would thus be malnourished and would have to use some of its minerals from your vital organs to keep working effectively. That is surely not good.


Another method of purification which is used would be the distillation process. Distillation like the name suggests is the separation of mixtures from one another. However, the bad side of distillation is that you surely cannot be certain that all forms of fluorides have been removed from your water. This, when added to the fact that it can be quite costly and even remove important minerals from the water, would make it second best to the Berkey filtration system.

Purification Method

The Berkey purification method is used to ensure that the water is completely free from the troubles of fluorides. To achieve this, the filtration system makes use of several units to produce a complete unit working together. When this is achieved, the act of microfiltration would take place. What though is microfiltration?

This refers to the process by which tiny microorganisms and contaminants which may not be visible to the naked eye are completely removed from the water. With the aid of the various units, the water is sent on a tortuous path through many levels of purification. In other words, the chances of any contaminants including fluorides escaping into the water are incredibly low.

While this method completely stands out, there are minor drawbacks. One of them is the fact that you would have to fill the chambers once they are empty is also important to note that when dealing with removal of fluorides, you should make sure that the water is at an ideal pH which would ensure that the Berkey filtration works well (between 5-7). Also, make sure that you get the appropriate filter for the job.


So yes, purifiers can remove fluorides from the water and there are just about three methods of filtrations which can perform the trick. Care would need to be taken when choosing the method which you prefer. Taking into consideration factors such as costs and the adverse effects on health should make up the bulk of your preferences.


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