With the evolution in the current scenario of technology and innovation, our world has witnessed a drastic transformation. Powerful computers, new concepts and path breaking innovations are happening around us frequently. With such a massive boom, there is a huge surge in the amount of data being circulated. This is where data science comes into play. Data science as a whole covers a lot of topics and is a very broad spectrum to be studied.


Specifically, data science unifies the concepts of statistics, data analysis, machine learning and data presentation to work and represent data in a meaningful and beneficial way.

Data science course in Hyderabad uses various methods, analysis, algorithms and scientific methods to extract meaningful knowledge and insights from data. The methods are applicable to both structured and unstructured data. As the world has experienced a data boom in the recent years management and extraction of data has become a crucial part of the IT industry. Data science works around the concepts of making this easier for professionals as well as eager to learn students. In many aspects data science incorporates data mining in its implementation. Data science may be a coming of age field, but it has been used since the 60s. So you can note here that data science has evolved over the years and has become much more relevant in today’s age as data is of utmost importance for the intelligent systems and A.I devices to perform.


In a broader sense data science can be related to the field of Data Analytics, Business Analytics, Statistics, Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning and Machine Learning. These all are related or you can simply say that these are the constituents of data science.

Also, as data science deals with such broad topics, there are many languages that a data scientist has to learn to ace in this field. Here I list out a few prominent ones. Here is the list.

  • Python
  • RAR
  • SAS
  • Tableau
  • Java
  • SQL

These are some of the basic languages that students in the field of data scientist have to learn. Note that not all of the languages mentioned here are compulsory; the learning languages depend upon the branch of data science you want to pursue.


Many sectors today are benefiting from the use of data science. Some of the well known examples of these sectors include Banking, Healthcare, Education, Insurance, Media and Entertainment.

These sectors are using data science for maximizing their benefits and improving their services and products. Many industry experts claim that this is just the beginning of what is going to be a long term benefit plan. Also trade pundits predict that Data Science is going to be the next big thing in the coming years. As this is a relatively new field, there are going to be a lot of vacant spaces to fill up by the passionate and energetic professionals.


To be an authentic professional in the field of data science, one needs to undergo training and get certified. There are various certificates and nanodegrees for aspirants eager to make their career in data science. To start with students can enroll themselves in IBM certification courses in AI and deep learning or they can opt for some other reputed training institutes in their area.


Now some of you might be wondering why training is so necessary? The answer to this simple question lies in the age old debate of knowledge vs degree. As this is a relatively new field employers tend to prioritize people with knowledge as well as certification. These certifications act as a proof of your work and knowledge. Also, as the field is evolving every day and progressing with new advancements, undergoing training might help you to add extra skills to your existing knowledge base and skill set.

With all being said and done people with a certification in this field enjoy long term benefits and have a high success ratio. You can get the data science training in Hyderabad by enrolling in 360DigiTMG institute.

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