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Clear the Trash to Save Environment at Lombok and Labuan Bajo

With rapidly growing numbers of both domestic and International tourists visiting Lombok as well as the Gili Islands, also similarly to Labuan Bajo in Flores and even the Komodo National Park, both local governments and the tourism industry are currently also seriously tackling the problem of trash disposal equally on beaches and at sea. Moreso, since these destinations have been picked by Indonesia as particular goals to be seen by IMF-World Bank delegates for their pre- and post- Conference tours following their deliberations at Bali in October 2018.

An expected 15-18,000 delegates will Take Part in the Conference if other foreign tourists are anticipated to also arrive in Bali numbering involving 14,000 to 15,000 individuals per day that will also pay a visit to these two destinations. With this purpose all training including cleaning up of beaches and plastics at sea must receive particular attention, especially from the Regional Governments and the tourism industry, Tourism Minister Ariel Yahya stressed.

That the local government has already set aside 23 acres of land at Gili Air and GiliMeno and 50 acres at GiliTrawangan for landfills. But the necessary licenses are still in the procedure to utilize these as landfills. Also, one remaining problem stays the access road through the Zambia Bangor village at the Gangga sub-regency.

At the same time, on the island of Flores, the town of Labuan Bajo, the jumping off point to the Komodo National Park and now a destination in its own right, are also set to clean up its harbor front along with the sea between the town and the Komodo islands.

Garbage and specifically plastic garbage which pollute the seas and kill sea life is now being fought against by the whole world, said Tourism Minister AriefYahya, during a coordination meeting in Labuan Bajo on the topic continue 5th June.

Shana Fatina, Person Responsible for the Team for the Acceleration of Labuan Bajo at the Tourism Ministry later reported that the meeting discussed the acceleration of cleanup of garbage in the destination, including the need for extra capital for the Regional Government to take actions.

At the moment, Shana stated, the town of Labuan Bajo itself produces 600 kg trash every day of while vacationers create 6kg daily. In the sea, the major problem is that many ships throw their garbage to the sea that is then carried by the winds and tides to the town’s harbor, beaches, and the National Park.

“Regrettably, there are as yet no regulations that Prohibit cargo ships from throwing garbage into the sea, for that we need the “While on land, another difficulty faced is the shortage of trucks to carry garbage in the 3 neighboring islands into the ultimate landfill and garbage disposal. For now, we expect local communities to wash their islands themselves and take their garbage to the port. “We hope that this trash can subsequently be carried from the port into the final landfill from the Ministry of the Environment and Forestry, added Shana.

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