Choosing the Essential Options for the Perfect Sports Betting Deals

Feelingbet may be a “small” site, this bookmaker offers many ways to pay on its sports betting site. It is possible to deposit via Paypal, Paylib or Paysafecard for example. It should also be noted that both deposits and bank transfer payments are made at no cost. 3D secure encryption, that is to say that we ask you to confirm by SMS before a deposit request, is also reassuring for the security of your transactions.

The Android apps and Iphone Feelingbet

Feelingbet offers a mobile-friendly website. This bookmaker also offers applications for mobile Android and Iphone, Ipad. They are good qualities, no concern for slowness is there to deplore.

They take the presentation and main features of the site. In short it’s all good, you can let your feelings express paris sports.

Sportsbike app feelingbet

Compare the Feelingbet app with other sports betting apps on the market.

  • Statistics
  • Prediction Grids
  • Cash-out

The features present on Feelingbet, but the essential is there. Especially these are successful features.

On feelingbet it is possible to bet live on a very large number of meetings. During these live bets, the site also provides you with statistics to help you make the right choices. With the 먹튀 site you can find the best deals now.

Feelingbet prediction grids

As we saw a little earlier in the article, it is possible to bet on many grids prognosis. Thus you can bet on small grids of 5 matches only: grids mini feeling. You can also bet on euro feeling grids composed of 7 matches, and super feeling made of 10 matches with the key a bigger jackpot than for smaller grids.

  • Of course, these prediction grids have the same function as the classic “lotto football”. So you can choose to put several crosses, but by doing this you increase your bet.
  • Be careful whatever the bookmaker (apart from Unibet), the prediction grids work in mutual wagers. This means that your winnings will depend on the bets of other players.
  • Clearly you “fight” against the predictions of other players. Strategically it can be interesting for you to bet on some surprises to ensure you win enough in case of victory.
  • If you want to know about the best way to play the “loto foot” prediction grids online, do not hesitate to consult this article

The cash-out Feelingbet

Today this feature is present in almost all bookmakers, and Feelingbet is no exception to the rule.

The principle ? It is to be able to “resell” your bet in progress at any time, provided that the bet is available at cash-out. If your bet does not go as planned, or if you have any doubt you can activate the cash-out.

There are mainly two scenarios in which it may be interesting to use the cash-out:

  • In the case where you are losing your bet, and you think there is no chance that your bet can pass. In this case the amount of cash-out that will be proposed to you, will necessarily be lower than your starting bet.

Let’s say that the team you bet on, lose 3 to 0 at half-time, the amount of cash-out that will be offered to you will be low. Conversely, in the case where you are winning your bet, but you think there is a risk of losing it. In this case too, insuring your bet by taking the cash-out amount is a good strategy.


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