Car Donations and Why They Are Important

If your car has been sitting in the garage for over a year, then it is highly likely that you aren’t going to be using it in the near future. You might not be aware of it, but that car can literally prove to be a life-saver to someone else. When you donate a car to charity, not only are you able to free up some space within your home, but for example you also help increase the amount of money that is available for cancer research through the United Breast Cancer Foundation – an organization that is saving thousands of women’s lives, providing free services to women of limited means. So, now that you understand how important your car can be to others instead of just dripping grease on your garage floor, you might be wondering if your car is in good condition to donate. You don’t remember the last time you had the oil changed or gave it a proper cleaning. So, what kinds of cars do charities accept?

Does it have to run?

The companies that manage car donations will accept your car regardless of if it runs or not. Of course, the most suitable donation is a vehicle that is able to run. However, A car that isn’t running is still valuable – though it is more ideal if it starts. You don’t have to have had it washed or get it detailed or anything of the sort. In case it has minor mechanical issues, then it is still fine. What really matters here is that you are kind enough to donate. 

A basic requirement is that you are the owner of the car without any lien holders listed. The company that collects the cars will either sell them or the parts in order to provide the funds to the charity. To complete these tasks, they are required to have the title. In case you don’t possess a copy of the documentation, they will help you to get it.

Must the car be a sedan?

No. No charity is looking specifically for family cars. Charities need the funds, not the actual vehicle. After you donate, auto experts sell the car or salvage it after taking it. Essentially, any kind of vehicle that you might have will be useful to them: RVs, trucks, vans, cars, and they also accept boats with trailers or motorbikes.

What Charity is awarded the money?

The charity that gets the money is all up to you. When you choose to donate, you just have to visit the website and pick the charity that you want. For example, you can visit the website to donate to the Breast Cancer Foundation and get a tax deduction. 

How does one donate?

There are two options; you can opt to donate through the website form or make a call and speak to an actual human. You need the following information when you are ready to donate: Make and model of your car, Year, Mileage – approximate if you aren’t sure, and VIN.

If you don’t know what VIN is, it is the vehicle identification number. It is found on the insurance card, registration card, and title. It is also found at the base of the windshield on the driver’s side. The organization that manages the donations will arrange a pickup time that is convenient for you. For them to collect your car, you have to provide a signed title.

Are car donations tax-deductible?

What’s really amazing about car donations is that you will receive a charitable receipt that your tax specialist can use for your return. Either way, you stand to gain. You donate to a worthy cause and you also benefit from your kindness.

What are the make and model cars that are usually donated?

BMW 3 series, Dodge Caravan, Volkswagen Passat, Volkswagen Jetta, Toyota Camry, Ford F150, Nissan Maxima, Honda Accord, Chrysler Town & Country, Buick Regal — and Many More!

So, consider using this way of contributing to the good of others that truly need our help and get them on the road to a better life. 

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