Best horizontal bar exercises

Hello, friends! As you can already understand, in this article we will talk about the best exercises on the horizontal bar. Here, not everything is as clear as it might seem at first glance, because those exercises that are best for some will be completely uninteresting to others. This situation often arises, but consider the best exercises in the categories, which are a little lower. I hope you enjoy this distribution system. The horizontal bar is a universal projectile, and just take and say that one exercise is good, and the second is bad – you can’t. All exercises are good in their own way, but there are the best ones that you need to pay attention to Magnum Stanol-AQ 100 mg/ml 10 ampoules.

First, I suggest just to get acquainted with the list of the best exercises on the horizontal bar, in my opinion, and then we’ll analyze them a bit.

Strength exercises without prior training

  • Pulling with various grips to the chest
  • Head pulls
  • Push-ups on the crossbar

Strength training with pre-training

  • Two way out
  • Horizon on the horizontal bar
  • Front horizontal vis
  • Rear horizontal hanging
  • Pull-ups on one arm

Technical exercises

  • Rivet (rise by extension)
  • Sun


King’s Exit to Two (Exit of an Angel)

That’s basically all the exercises on the horizontal bar, which should be paid attention to. But then again, what I consider to be the best self may be completely uninteresting to you. Now you can take a closer look at all of these exercises.

Pulling with various grips to the chest. Pull-ups, this is a basic exercise on the horizontal bar, and in particular, they are considered basic for the back. Promotes the development of many muscle groups of the back – the broadest, rhomboid, trapezoid, round. There are so many grip options with which you can improve your skills, your body. This exercise must be practiced if you decide to do a workout.

Pulling the head. This exercise is to some extent traumatic, but if you perform it after a good warm-up and following the technique, it will only help you. In general, this type of pull-ups is practically no different from ordinary pull-ups for the head, except that the round muscles work more.

Push-ups on top of the crossbar. During this exercise, triceps are involved, and partially thoracic and trapezius. A very interesting exercise, but I often perform it in order to pull up the weaknesses in certain exercises on the crossbar. But this does not mean that it cannot be used in isolation.

Two way out. I think that everyone, or many, knows about this exercise – the followers of the workout study it first of all. Few people can go into two hands without preparation, and therefore it was included in this category. You need to learn how to pull yourself as high as possible – for this, there are various techniques, after which you can perform this exercise without problems.

Horizon on the horizontal bar. This exercise is perhaps the most difficult from the list, but it is very spectacular. Without targeted training, it is simply impossible to accomplish, and for a start you need to learn how to perform the horizon on the floor, on the uneven bars, and only after that switch to the horizontal bar, as there are some peculiarities. The horizon on the horizontal bar with bent arms is a simplified option.

Front horizontal vis. Here you also need to work hard to complete this exercise. The back and the press work very well. At the same time, this exercise is quite spectacular.

Rear horizontal vis. This exercise is also called the Swallow, as there are certain similarities. In my opinion, it is lighter than the front vis, but also requires preparation.

Pullups on one arm. Here it is also desirable to purposefully include the practice of pull-ups on one arm in your workouts, or rather training. Pull-ups and pull-ups help a lot when you hold the crossbar with one hand and the strap with the other.

Rivet (rise by extension). The rivet is a simple technical element, but quite spectacular, and to a certain extent it looks like a two-handed approach. But the fact is that in the exit to two there is no swing of the legs, as in a rivet.

Sun. Here you can find everything about how to learn how to make the sun. Do not forget to make the straps before you start training the sun.

Royal exit in two (Exit angel). In Jimbarr there are a lot of all kinds of squiggle exercises, but I want to single out only the Tsar’s in two, – in my opinion

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