Basic Things That You Need To Know About Screen Printing

Just in case you are unaware of, Screen Printing is a very popular method of printing custom designs. Their usage is not limited to any certain industry, but nearly every single printing industry used them at a point.

The main reason behind that could be the fact that the result it gives is worth commendable to custom goods users. Companies use this Screen Printing method to do a lot of printing stuff like canvases, custom tshirt printing, custom bags, cap, and what not! This article is all about this process, so give it a go, to know interesting things.

·         Detailed Info on the Screen Printing Method

Screen Printing is all about using a stencilled design on a flat surface to produce printed impressions. With the stencilled design, you will also need a mesh screen and ink. Companies use this method mostly to fulfil client demands on fabric or papers.

You can also find their uses on glass objects, wood, or even plastic products. ‘Silk Screen Printing’ is also another name for the method, but the process is just the same. The type of stencils may vary at times, owing to the purpose of the printing. Designs for colourful pictures require having separate stencils for printing each colour separately.

·         Why Is Screen Printing So Famous?

The first and the most important reason for considering this Screen Printing Method to be the most famous one is one. The way the colours, the hues, and the saturation levels come out in the printed material is nothing less than superb. Even on darker fabrics, the colours spread beautifully.

The ink lies so amazingly in between the layers of the fabric or paper, that it gives an impressive output. There is also another great feature of Screen Printing. You can produce a bulk of orders using the same stencil if the print is the same. So that makes it efficient to use. T shirt screen printing mostly uses this method.

·         Are Screen Printing and Digital Printing All The Same?

Screen Printing is about using a stencil and printing, while Digital Printing or DTG (Direct to Garments) is just like your office printer. The DTG method directly prints the picture on the fabric, and it does not require any mesh screen or stencil.

Customers love this method of Screen Printing. If you are a lover of perfectly customised designs, then seek for that from any leading online store.

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