Athens – the City that has Slow Mornings but Spiced up Nights

Athens, the capital of Greece has been a popular tourist attraction for many years. Ever since Olympics in 2004, the city has experienced prominent development in infrastructure and amenities. In the morning, you can see the whole city moving slowly on the streets, in the market, offices, but it is completely different in the night. Those bright lights on the street, music and delicious food completely change the ambience. 

There are many things that are not specified by the tourist guides unless you don’t insist. The local market, streets, food, drinks and daily life of citizens is what actually entertains. An authentic Food Tour Athens help in knowing the food locals eat authentic Greek food and its uniqueness. Since all guides are locals, they have good knowledge about every corner of the city. Thus, you can request them to take you to a unique place in the city. 

Here are some important things to know about Athens –

  • The peak season for tourists to visit is December to February and June to August, which means there will be serious rush and high flight fares. Therefore, if you want to relax and roam around the street with less tourist crowd, then try coming in March to May and September to November. 
  • It might not be difficult to explore the city, if you have a guide who speaks English, but it is wise to carry a Greek phrasebook which will help in lot many ways. Also, certain hand gestures and dress code for different activities are important to understand so that you pack luggage accordingly. 
  • Getting traditional food on the street or restaurant isn’t difficult. However, if you want a quiet place to sit and relax, then try moving towards neighborhoods like Pangrati, Mets, or Koukaki. 
  • The finest way to commute is by walking or taking metro if you want to avoid heavy traffic. 

Safety is priority in any trip, especially if you’re new in the city. Try your best to stay in crowded places at night and avoid dark and lonely areas where theft is quite common. 

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