Android TV App Installer

You may know that it is hard to install apps away from Google Play Store. Unlike on Android phones it is hard to download or get apk files on to your Android TV box. Other thing is that most of the Android phones or touch screen Android apps may not work smoothly on bigger screens or Android TV devices. If you want to install any app you want, there are many other ways you can do.

Filelinked is the most popular solution most of the Android TV users recommend. It is not like AC Market for Android phones. Using AC Market, you can search for all the apps available on AC Market. Here you want code to access each and every store. Because Filelinked stores are not owned or managed by filelinked. Anyone can create their own store easily from Filelinked dashboard. Specially YouTubers around the world. If you subscribed to one of the Android TV related YouTube channels, you may have heard about this app. Because it is easy to review Android TV related app and allow their fans to download them using their own store.

Filelinked was developed to share file collection with your TV. Not just to create app stores. But it became more popular as Android TV app store than Aptoide TV. In order to access Filelinked Store you may need Filelinked code. Filelinked codes may by public or private. When the demand for Filelinked store of a YouTuber increases, they decided to make it private. They share their latest store password using the latest video. In order to access those stores, you have to watch their latest video.

Restore Android TV BOX easily

You can use Filelinked to restore your Android TV box. There are many Android TV apps you installed away from play store. Because there are lots of awesome free movies, TV Shows, TV Channels, Games available on other sources than play store. When your factory reset your device, you won’t be able to install those apps from play store. You can create a collection of Android TV apks and create your own Filelinked store. Whenever you want to reset your device, you can use that store to restore your device.

You can share your favorite collection of Android TV apps and games with your family members, friends and etc. Filelinked make it easier to organize and install apps on any Android TV box. This app support all most all Android TV boxes including Nvidia Shield TV, Shield TV pro, Mi BOX S, Mi TV Stick, Fire TV Stick, Firestick, Fire TV Stick 4K, Fire TV Stick lite, Chromecast and etc.

Android TV boxes tends to lose its storage easily. Because those devices have very little internal storage compared to phones. You can use junk removing application like AVG Cleaner, Clean Master or CCleaner to gain storage space.

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