An Honest Comparison of the Same Games Online and Offline

Many of the traditional indoor games have taken a whole new form online. Now, it is possible to enjoy the same games on the smartphone apps. The question is whether the fun remains the same. Many people assume that changing the platform may also reduce the fun and is definitely not worth a try. So, let us check based on facts whether the fun actually reduces in each case or there are both sides to the coin. Read along and share your views on the same.


A word game that has improved the vocabulary of generations, Scrabble is sure among the popular board games that are available in the online format. The most popular variation of the board game available online is sure good for anyone. While some players may miss the fun of having wooden tiles and an actual cardboard to play on, everything else about the online variation is impressive.

The game also provides a teacher for new players to help them understand the best moves. A statistical data is provided to help you chart your progress in the game. Most players will find it as good as the actual board game and some may find it even better because of the reduced mess.

Indian Rummy

The card game lovers of India will surely have rummy on their priority list. It is not surprising that apps like Khelplay Rummy have come up with a plethora of options for all the card players in India. Offline rummy meant carrying your card packs along and managing how they were distributed or stored. The app has greatly simplified the whole process.

Another benefit of playing rummy games online is that there is no limit to the number of players playing and you don’t have to buy more packs or make unique arrangements each time a player is added to the rummy circles.

Snakes and Ladders

While it is among the popular childhood games, now this game has transformed into the online form which people of all ages tend to enjoy equally. The fun in the board is more when offline because you know all the participants in the game. This makes it possible to tease each other when they are eaten up by the snake. It is also fun to cheer the players when someone manages to get a six on the die.

When the game is played online, the apps sure try to make it as enjoyable and colourful. They also provide specific music so that people can co-relate them with losing and winning. The whole process is quite interesting.

Chinese Checkers

After chess, this is the next popular brain game that most people choose to play while indoors. The game requires a good understanding of strategies and think ahead of others. The game can be played by 2,4, or 6 players. This is one shortfall when we play the game offline. When you play the same game online, the computer plays to cover up for the missing player.

Mindi Coot

After rummy card games, Mindi Coot is also popular among card players as an exciting game. 10 is the most important card in the game. There are two teams that play the game against each other as it is four player game. At the start of the game, the players bid. Each team tries to acquire as much as is bid. The game is interesting when played offline. The fun is surely reduced a bit when you are playing with utter strangers.

The platforms change. The way the favourite games like rummy and Mindi are played change. What remains is the fun and that part of any game always remains.


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