Advantages of Electric Cars

Every advanced country is looking for alternate sources of energy to run their machines and economy. The world is trying to reduce its dependence on fossil fuels and ultimately do away with it. All these research has resulted in electric cars, with Tesla motors being at the fore front of this electric car revolution. Today we’re not talking about Telsa motors nor the CEO Elon Musk, we’ll be talking about electric cars and some of the advantages you’ll enjoy if you own one.

What is an Electric Car

An electric car is a vehicle, an automobile which uses energy reserved in batteries to aid its movement through the use of electric motors. So basically, electric cars run on electricity stored in rechargeable batteries as opposed to using combustible fuels in internally combustible engines.

Advantages of Electric Cars

The move quicker than mechanically powered vehicles

These cars are not yet very popular, and they are also not very big on aesthetics, they are still all functionality. Amongst all these things that one might call disadvantages, is one advantage, and that is speed. These cars for some reason accelerate faster than your average petrol controlled cars, they may not look it, but these cars are fast.

Electric Cars Are Environmentally Friendly

The incessant pollutions and emission of green house gas, is one of the reasons the world is one seeking alternative energy sources. As compared with regular cars, electric cars are very clean. The cars themselves don’t produce pollutants to the atmosphere; however, the means of production of this vehicle and its parts does cause pollution. However, the pollution is very infinitesimal. If you’re big on protecting the environment, you might want to start driving electric cars. Electric cars are going to improve very fast as a lot of research both by cooperate and governmental bodies are doing a lot to reduce pollution.

They Can Be Charged At Home

Say good bye to fuel stations and the amount of money spent on fueling your vehicle. This is because just like your phone, you can also charge you car at home. You’ll need a special charging point to be installed in your home though, most likely your garage.  With this you can have enough power to run your errands and what have you by morning.

Easier To Maintain

Electric cars have fewer parts in them, this means there are fewer parts to fix or maintain. This is quite the opposite for mechanical cars. The most expensive parts of your electric vehicles are actually the batteries, but they’ll be good for many years, so in the end you don’t have to spend so much money maintaining the car.

Of course you EV will need tyres, or at a certain point you’ll need to change the ones that came with the car. What better way to enjoy your car than to fit in premium tyres to it. Pirrelli tyres offer great comfort and durability, just like your EV, if maintained properly they’ll last for a long time. You can find these tyres for sale in UAE, both offline and online.

Electric cars have come to stay, soon it’s going to be the mainstream way of travelling intra city distances.

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