A Guide To Making A Thriving Vegetable Garden In Your Condo

Are you planning a vegetable garden in condo (ปลูก ผัก สลัด คอน โด, which is the term in Thai) 

where you can harvest your beloved veggies, herbs, and fruits? Apart from owning a small oasis where you can walk to every time you need to escape from stress, growing your vegetable garden also offers the promise that the veggies that you are consuming are free of virus exposure and or toxic pesticides. This is a benefit that the modern world, during the era of a pandemic is embracing.

Here is a brief guideline to assist you with the process.

Choose a Space That Receives Abundant Sunlight

Plants as we all known demand sufficient sunlight to blossom. While you might not have a spacious backyard to keep your plants exposed to the natural light, but having a balcony inside your condo is s great a space to grow your vegetable garden. Consider utilizing the balcony walls as well with the help of vertical gardening, which also caters to your decorative purpose.

Invest in the Suitable Containers

Before you initiate a vegetable garden, do a lot of homework on the plants that you have thought about growing, especially the container sizes and types on which have to thrive. Your containers should be sufficiently large to accommodate the roots of the plants and hold the soil in place along with the water because you are about to grow vegetables. And although the maximum soil needed by plants is only 6 inches, some might even need containers with more width and depth.

Consider Plants that Are Ideal For Condo Balconies

  • Herbs, for Low Maintenance 

Herbs are the most basic plants that you can choose to grow in the condo. They need minimum maintenance, and you can even have them placed by your window in case you lack a balcony in your condo.

  • Microgreens, for Healthy Recipes

Microgreens are again examples of low-maintenance plants that you can decide to grow in the vegetable garden in the condo. They are loaded with nutrients and are used in various health-packed recipes.

  • Tomatoes Make the Best Plants for Condos

Use larger pots if you want to grow tomatoes, as it will help to hold the roots in place. The best container size for tomatoes is 18-inches. While you can grow tomatoes in smaller pots as well, you might water them often.

  • Salad Green Plants For a Yummy Salad

In a vegetable garden in condo, you can grow almost everything that you require to prepare your delicious salad like mustard greens, arugula, and lettuce. The soil depth that they might require will be based on the seeds that you plant, however, the salad greens require moist and warm soil to thrive.

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