10 Things You Need to Know Before Deciding to Have a Breast Reduction Surgery

Just as a balding man would search for hair transplant london for some women having larger breasts can be a similar physical and mental problem – of course, you have limited exercise as well as limited choice of clothing as an additional factor of consideration too, hence, breast reduction in London would be their search as well. In such cases, breast reduction is actually the entryway for gaining back self-confidence and also getting to be much more active. The question at hand, however, would be is breast reduction in London the right choice for you?

So before you come to that conclusion let us look at 10 things that you really need to know before you lie down on an operating table.

  1. When it comes to the ideal candidates for breast reduction in London – they are healthy females who are actually going through physical and emotional discomfort because of the size of their breasts. Apart from that they also have realistic expectations when it comes to the outcome of the procedure

  1. Some of the reasons why patient’s request for the procedure of breast reduction in London is due to first and foremost backache, then social difficulties, infections, neck ache etc. coupled with the fact that you’re unable to exercise.

  1. Breast reduction in London has been shown to be a procedure with the highest satisfaction rates when it comes to the category of all types of breast surgery.

  1. One of the most major facts that you do keep in mind is that before you can go for a breast reduction in London surgery you need to make sure that your breasts are done growing. The surgery hence is not recommended for teens. Ideally, you would want your body to have stopped growing. In fact, it is best if the patient is actually in full adulthood – that is she is older than 21.

  1. Breast reduction in London typically removes 200 to 1000 grams of breast tissue per breast. The procedure is carried out by making an incision around the nipple and then elevating it to a position that is aesthetically pleasing and by removing the extra breast tissue under the nipple. To achieve this scar free look that is aesthetically pleasant the incision is made vertically downwards and also in the folds under the breast. In fact, now it’s possible to reduce scarring by 30%.

  1. In some cases, it is even possible to actually make a modest breast reduction in London by just using liposuction which also leaves minimal marks. However, the technique cannot elevate the nipple, hence it only suitable for a small chunk of patients.

  1. Nowadays technology has advanced so much that even post-surgery nipple sensation can be preserved.

  1. Another benefit that breast reduction in London provides is that you can choose the size and shape of your new nipple. For example, for large breasted woman the nipple can become enlarged and stretched but breast reduction in London can correct it with surgery. According to a survey, plastic surgery has actually seen a 50% increase in women coming for breast reduction in London and requesting a reduction in the size of the nipple as well.

  1. Complications are quite rare but in case they do happen it can include haematoma, infection, bruising and swelling etc. There can also be side effects in terms of nipple sensation as well as breast asymmetry (yes, most women have asymmetrical breasts that they look too correct with breast reduction in London.)

  1. Another factor you have got to remember is that even after breast reduction surgery in London, your breasts can actually change in shape with loss in weight, weight gain and pregnancy.

Having discussed all these points, let us also say that, if you take proper consultation from a good surgeon in a reputed clinic, most of the women who’ve done so, have been quite satisfied with their finals results. Breast reduction in London is best for you if you have disproportionately large breasts that have been causing you neck pain or back pain or other physical discomforts. One of the most important steps when it comes to surgery in London is the right consultation. When you talk to your surgeon he will discuss things with you which are of utmost importance. Things like if you’ve ever had a lump removed from your breast or any other medical conditions that affect your breasts, and also your family medical history.

Make sure that you’re completely open with the surgeon regarding your medical history and also why you require a Breast reduction in London in the first place. Even if there are some emotional issues that you’re dealing with – regarding things like how your breasts have physically felt to you or in fact any other physical condition that you’ve had – it is important that your surgeon knows all so that there aren’t any complications in the surgery. And as it goes with other cosmetic procedures like Rhinoplasty in London or  liposuction in London, there is considerable recovery time there in  and after-care is as important. So, discuss all these options with your surgeon beforehand. Once you are totally satisfied with the kind of service you are going to receive you can go ahead and be free of a life of discomfort.

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