10 Best Things to Do in Raja Ampat That Worth to Try

Raja Ampat deserves its global hype as an exotic tropical heaven. Approximately 75% of all coral species in the world and thousands of more fish, mollusks, plants, and birds find a home deep beneath the clear blue waters, in the quiet lagoon between the karst constellations, and upwards at the scenic hills and forests. Find out the best things to see and do in Raja Ampat.

Sightseeing and more at Pianemo Island
Small islands scattered in the clear blue sea is what most likely comes to mind when enthusiastic travelers hear the title Raja Ampat. Pianemo Island includes a viewing deck on a hilltop, offering unrestricted views over the sea and islands. Even though the scenery is a sufficient reason to see Pianemo Island, cliff jumping into the turquoise lagoon between the small islands and swimming in its crystal clear water are other awesome activities you can enjoy here.

Explore Waisai
The next important point: you fly all the way to Raja Ampat to relish tropical sea adventures. That is precisely what you can do in the minute you arrive. Waisai is your gateway to heaven and a leading hub for the whole archipelago. Waisai has many diving and sightseeing areas, including the translucent Waiwo, a shore that got much of its popularity, including president Joko Widodo’s Instagram feed.

Observe wildlife in the forest
Not that you’ll ever get enough of those water adventures in Raja Ampat, but the territory of its many islands also offer lovely scenery and experiences with wildlife. Pristine Raja Ampat is a sweet home to many endemic species, including rare plants and exotic creatures. The most important highlight of bird watching in the forests of Raja Ampat is the exquisite birds of heaven.

Take a Dive Course
Either you are an advanced diver or a complete beginner, taking diving courses in Raja Ampat is an opportunity not to be overlooked. You’ll have Raja Ampat’s stunning underwater landscape as your training ground and go home with an untrue certification. PADI and SSI, the two biggest scuba diver certification businesses on the planet, have set up camp in this diving heaven so that you will be in reasonable control.

Shop for souvenirs
Raja Ampat’s culture is as impressive as its nature. It’s possible to search for local crafts such as accessories, bags, plates, and other souvenirs. Looking for souvenirs from the local markets gets you exact things to take home and helps sustain the life span of locals and the overall tourism scene.

See the Wayag Archipelago
The islands of Wayag, in the Raja Ampat archipelago, come with raw, all-natural beauty. Many believe Wayag is the most fantastic area in Raja Ampat. It is dense with picturesque karst formations, such as some vast protrusions hiked up for sweeping views of these stunning islands. The islands’ green matches the tranquil blue and emerald water, beneath the surface of the colorful fish that swim through beautiful coral reefs.

Don’t miss a single sunset or sunrise!
There are lots of distinct areas where to watch the sunset or sunrise. Hike up to a mountain, chill with your lodge or sit on the white sands, and wait for the sun to burst into several orange and red colors. A good reason to skip the snooze button on Raja Ampat and receive up early.

Wander the villages
Do not leave the islands before walking through the villages and meeting the friendly locals. Their lifestyle is modest, and the individuals are cheerful. You might find children playing traditional games, a group singing traditional music and dance, or local artists working on their crafts.

Feast on local food
Complete your Raja Ampat experience with tasty local cuisine. Fresh seafood is abundant, and papeda (sago starch porridge) and savory yellow fish soup are very popular in Papua. If you’re feeling less adventurous, you may always purchase broiled fish with spicy condiments.

Swim with marine creatures
The people of Papua highly admire their marine wildlife, enabling a peaceful and effective co-existence that tourists may also enjoy. About Misool Island and Manta Ridge, you are almost guaranteed an encounter with dolphins, among other fish. Sea turtles are more common, and also a more in-depth dive will allow you to view many manta rays.

Ready to start your getaway to Raja Ampat? Visit Wonderful Indonesia, and don’t miss out on the magic!

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